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Combine your flight with a ride on the Soko train

Make your journey complete by combining your travel by air with a train ride between Belgrade and Novi Sad.

If you have a ticket for a flight between Belgrade and New York, take advantage of the offer of a free train ride on the Belgrade – Novi Sad rail route on board the new Soko intercity high-speed train operated by Srbija Voz.

This offer provides you with more options for planning every segment of a quicker and simpler trip to your destination of choice, while saving time and money.

Terms & Conditions

  • Is the free ride on the Soko intercity high-speed train available to all passengers holding Air Serbia tickets?

    No, only passengers travelling from Belgrade to New York or from New York to Belgrade are eligible for this offer until 10 December 2023.

  • What do I need to board the Soko intercity high-speed train?

    You can board the train with a printout of your flight ticket, which you will give to the conductor on the Soko intercity train. You will be required to give the printout to the conductor and failure to do so may result in denial to continue your train journey.

  • Do Air Serbia Terms and Conditions apply to the train journey?

    No, Air Serbia Terms and Conditions apply only to air travel. Srbija Voz has separate terms of transport that apply to the Soko intercity high-speed train. In the event of train delays, Air Serbia and Srbija Voz will not accept claims for damages.