Air Serbia

Frequently asked questions about flights and tickets

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, our Contact Centre is available at all times (From Serbia: 0800 111 528, From other countries: +381 11 311 21 23)

  • 1. Why did Air Serbia cancel some of its flights?

    As a result of the competent authorities' decisions and recommendations, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a number of flights have been cancelled. Passengers with bookings affected by these cancellations will be handled in accordance with regulations.

  • 2. Which routes does Air Serbia serve at the moment?

    Due to the still existing extraordinary circumstances affecting our entire network, Air Serbia has resumed limited operations in compliance with regulations and recommendations of national and foreign authorities. The current list of destinations we serve can be found here. We will continuously update our schedule based on official regulations and keeping the safety and health of our passengers first.
    Destinations we fly to.

  • 3. What options are offered to those whose flights have been cancelled?

    Passengers with bookings affected by these cancellations will be automatically informed about their options.

    By clicking on the link in the e-mail, passengers can choose the best option via our self-service platform

    • Free change of travel dates until 31 March 2022.
    • Free change of destination within the Air Serbia network, except New York*
    • Vouchers
    • Refunds


    *For flights to/from Niš (INI) and Kraljevo (KVO) special rules apply, please check conditions here.

  • 4. How will affected passengers be notified of the cancellations?

    All customers affected by flight cancellations will be notified in advance via e-mail and will have the opportunity to select one of the following options

    • Free change of travel dates until 31 March 2022
    • Free change of destination within the Air Serbia network, except New York
    • Vouchers
  • 5. How soon can passengers redeem their refund or re-book the canceled flights?

    Passengers should contact the Air Serbia Contact Centre or the nearest Air Serbia Office.

  • 6. Will Air Serbia pay compensation for cancelled flights in line with regulations?

    Air SERBIA will obey relevant regulations regarding the compensation due to the COVID-19 outbreak when the cancellation is caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

    In line with Serbian regulations, in case of flights that are cancelled two weeks prior to departure or more, or due to extraordinary circumstances or due to a decision of respective authorities, compensation will not be paid, while re-routing or original fare refund will be offered. For voluntary cancellation, performed by passengers, compensation will not be paid and re-routing or original fare refund will not be offered.

  • 7. Procedure in case of flight cancellation. What shall I do?

    You should contact the Air Serbia Contact Centre or the nearest Air Serbia Office. Our staff will give you all the necessary information and offer you the options available.

  • 8. I don’t want to travel anymore even if my flight was not cancelled. Can I apply for a refund?

    Yes. Your ticket will be refunded according to conditions of fare paid. More information here.

    Other options are:

    • rebook your flight once without penalty and processing fee (travel by 31 March 2022)*
    • cancel and advise new dates later on (travel by 31 March 2022)*


    *contact the Air Serbia Contact Centre or the nearest Air Serbia Office for detailed information. Not applicable for flights to/from New York

  • 9. Which countries have introduced any type of travel ban?

    Please refer to the following IATA Travel Centre link

  • 10. Why isn’t the online check-in service available?

    Online check in is available from 18May. Online check in is currently available only to passport holders of the destination countries. Please be informed about travel restriction and your eligibility to travel and check the latest information from relevant authorities at your destination country, we also recommend to check the latest information on link

  • 11. Will COVID testing be available at Belgrade Airport upon arrival and how much will it cost?

    At this moment there is no information available, but Air Serbia will continuously update all information and keep our passengers informed.

  • 12. In certain countries, citizens can get tested only with severe symptoms and as per doctor’s request. Does that mean that passengers from these countries will have to spend 14 days in isolation?

    For information regarding entry into Serbia, please visit the official COVID-19 website of the Republic of Serbia - link

  • 13. What are the rules for transfer passengers? Are there any special restrictions from Serbia for transfer passengers in general? i.e. long layovers not allowed to leave airport etc.? Can foreign nationals come to Belgrade and drive further etc.?

    For information regarding entry into Serbia and driving further, please visit the official COVID-19 website of the Republic of Serbia - link or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia - link

  • 14. Why are some destinations available on the Air Serbia website but in the official statement you said that you are no longer flying to these destinations?

    Air Serbia will not fly directly to the following destinations: Helsinki, Amman, Florence, Malta, Rostov on Don, Chisinau, Lvov, Beirut and Cairo.

  • 15. Which countries require an online application form or QR code to be obtained before the trip?

    Please find link with Covid-19 imposed travel regulations.

  • 16. Does Air Serbia apply any restrictions for hand luggage on board?

    Air Serbia is constantly monitoring and adapting its procedures for hand luggage in accordance with the regulations set by official authorities. In the event that any restrictions are imposed at the destination to which you are flying just before your travel, our staff at the airport will advise you of the current valid hand luggage regulations. If you are required to check in your hand luggage, it will be transported free of charge. Charges will only apply if the hand luggage exceeds the weight, dimensions or number of items allowed. Please check our Hand luggage policy section for more information.