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Special baggage

Bring along everything that is of importance to you, even though it may not represent standard baggage. You may transport special types of baggage on our flights, such as musical instruments or a wheelchair.

If you wish to bring along a wheelchair or other mobility aids, we will accept them as checked baggage without an extra charge.

You may also bring onboard maximum two mobility aid items, regardless of whether they are a part of your hand luggage or checked baggage. The only important thing is to observe the spatial limitations in the airplane and hazardous substance transport rules.

The transport of your wheelchair or other mobility aids is subject to approval. For this reason it is important that you informed us about the intention to bring the mobility aid in advance, or better as soon as you book your flight but no later than 48 hours before the flight. You should state the type of aid, its size, weight and battery type, if it is an electric wheelchair.

We advise you to check in for the flight two hours earlier so that we could arrange all the formalities regarding your flight acceptance.

We accept the following types of aids:

We cannot accept wet cell battery wheelchairs or other mobility aids on our flights (WCBW).

Requirements for Acceptance of Mobility Aids with Batteries

In order to prevent plane damage and secure a safe flight, wheelchairs and other mobility aids with batteries will be accepted for transport only in the following cases:

If your travel includes combined transport on Air Serbia flights and flights of one or more other airlines or you are travelling on a code share flight of Air Serbia where transport is performed by another company, it is possible that the regulations for the transport of sports equipment of the other company will apply.
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