Air Serbia

Hand luggage

Pack everything you need for a short trip in your hand luggage or pack all the things for which there was no room in the suitcase and bring them along into the passenger cabin.

We suggest that you checked the weight and size of your hand luggage before coming to the airport.

In case you have multiple hand luggage items or the luggage is heavier or larger than allowed, it will be transported as checked baggage and it will cost additional 50 EUR per item.

You can pay for the luggage excess charge as follows:

The amount you pay for the luggage excess charge cannot be refunded and applies only to a one-way flight, except in exceptional cases.
In case you fail to pay the additional luggage charge, you will not be able to board the plane.
It is not allowed to merge any right to the allowed hand luggage with other passengers, which means you may not give your hand luggage to any other passenger.
Also, it is not allowed to merge any rights to have a handbag and an additional luggage item, which means that a handbag exceeding the 8 kg limit must be charged for additionally regardless of whether the total weight limit of the hand luggage is higher.