Air Serbia

Meals on board

Have one of our tasty meals prepared for your flight, and make your journey even more comfortable.

Any customers pre-ordering a meal on an Air Serbia flight is considered to have read, understood and accepted the Conditions highlighted below.

Air Serbia food pre-purchase refers to pre-ordering sandwiches, desserts, hot meals, special meals and/or premium Serbian meals. Entire list of food items that are available for pre-order are available on the following page: Meals. Any hot or premium Serbian meal are followed with the following side dishes: salad, pastry and dessert.

  • Availability

    Air Serbia offers plethora of special meals in order to accommodate dietary, religious and other requirements, with 23 sorts of special meals on offer. For more information on these, please visit link.

    In cases when special meals could be pre-ordered free of charge, customers would be allowed to select only 1 item per passenger. If more than 1 item per passenger has been pre-ordered, none of the pre-ordered food items would be delivered onboard.

    Pre-ordering food on Air Serbia flights is possible for all Air Serbia passengers holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115), provided that passenger's itinerary starts with a flight operated by Air Serbia.

    Air Serbia is unable to sell this service to passengers flying on Air Serbia operated flights but holding tickets issued on other airlines' ticket stocks (tickets starting with any number other than 115) and to passengers flying on Air Serbia flights operated by other airlines and holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115).

  • Service purchase

    Pre-ordering sandwiches, desserts and hot meals on Air Serbia flights is provided at a fee. Pre-ordering special meals is provided either at a fee or free of charge (on long haul flights only). Pre-ordering premium Serbian meals is provided exclusively at a fee.

    Pre-ordering food items on long haul flights for a fee is not available on flights bound to Belgrade.

    Food options that can be pre-ordered are not available for purchase onboard Air Serbia flights. It is not possible to place such requests during an Air Serbia flight. Offered food options can be purchased through, Air Serbia Contact Centre or any Air Serbia office, up to 8hrs before the flight on flights up to 80 minutes, or up to 48hrs prior to flight departure for flights over 80 minutes, latest.

    When pre-ordering food items via, there would be indicative pictures of each meal displayed within the shopping window. Please be advised that these are indicative only and that purchased food item might differ from the actual item delivered onboard.

    Air Serbia does not allow service reservation. The service must be booked and paid at the time of booking, otherwise Air Serbia will not be able to guarantee the service.

    By purchasing a meal, you are allowing Air Serbia to contact you after your flight by email for a short survey about your experience and impressions about the provided service. We would appreciate any feedback you might send us.

  • Disclaimer / Declaration
  • Use of service

    Food is prepared fresh and upon request. However, the ingredients used in the preparation of offered sandwiches, desserts, hot meals and/or premium Serbian meals are fixed and pre-determined, and cannot be altered upon request or due to specific dietary requirements. All the ingredients of meals, you can find on following link.

    Pre-ordered sandwiches and desserts are given out to passengers in a transparent plastic bag. Hot meals, special meals and premium Serbian meals are served in foil bowls with plastic cutlery on a silver plastic plate. Passengers ordering a hot meal or a premium Serbian meal get a complimentary dessert and a salad.

    All passengers to have pre-ordered food items for their flight (either that be for a fee or at no additional costs) would be served first, with first meaning that pre-ordered food items would be delivered to the passengers before the standard onboard service commences.

    Passengers will not earn Etihad Guest miles by purchasing and /or using this service.

  • Refunds and complaints

    Once purchased, the service is non-refundable (even in the event of a voluntary airline ticket cancellation).

    In the event of Air Serbia rebooking you to a flight not operated by Air Serbia, the paid meal fee will be cancelled and refunded.

    In the event of ticket change (for reasons such as upsell or voluntary travel date change), the meal will be transferred to the new flight (if available). The passenger may decide to cancel the service at that time and use the paid fee to pay for ticket reissue.

    In the event of ticket upgrade to a higher class of travel, the fee paid for pre-ordering an item may not be used to pay for upgrade (applies to any kind of ticket upgrade) and it will not be refunded (for any type of ticket upgrade except involuntary upgrade).

    In the event of a passenger not showing up for the flight for which a meal has been ordered and paid for, the meal will be considered to have been delivered to the passenger and thus the charge would be forfeited. If a passenger wishes to request to have the meal delivered to her/his newly rebooked flight, he/she will have to order and purchase an additional food item.

    Air Serbia shall not compensate or refund purchased food items if the passenger decides not to consume the item onboard.

    Air Serbia would not compensate or refund purchased food item if passenger is a no-show for the flight.

    In cases of force majeure (such as but not limited to turbulence throughout the flight), Air Serbia might not be able to serve you the meal item you preordered. If that happens, full refund of the service fee is permitted post flight however you are requested to contact us through the following link in order to initiate the refund. Please keep in mind that the original EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) proving service payment would be requested to claim the refund.

    In cases when flight changes made by Air Serbia, when your flight number has been changed and your service hasn't been delivered, we regret to advise you to contact us through the following link, so that the service could be refunded. Please keep the original EMD as valid proof of purchase to refer to in such cases. Valid proof of purchase is an EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document). A payment slip transaction is not valid proof of purchase. this also applies to cases when flight number changes

    Any complaints and/or compensation requests arising from pre-ordering food cannot be processed at the airport or onboard our flight. You will need to contact Air Serbia passenger affairs representatives directly through the following link. Please keep the original EMD as valid proof of purchase to refer to in such cases. Valid proof of purchase is only an EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document). A payment slip transaction is not a valid proof of purchase.

    Any requests for compensation would be rejected by Air Serbia if submitted more than 30 days after the date of the flight.

Terms & conditions regulating food pre-purchase are independent from ticket refund conditions.

Air Serbia reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions regulating pre-ordering food items on its flights at any time without giving any prior notice and/ or assigning any reason. Passengers who have already bought the service at the time of the T&C amendment, would be subjected to the Terms & Conditions they accepted when buying the service initially, unless they were duly informed and accepted the amendments to the Terms & Conditions.

Air Serbia would post any changes to the Terms & Conditions in written form at