Air Serbia

Pre paid meals

Have one of our tasty meals prepared for your flight, and make your journey even more comfortable. Depending on the length of your flight, you will be provided with selection of snacks, sandwiches or hot meals.

Pre-order one of our delicious meals made of fresh, healthy ingredients, and a hot cooked dish will be waiting for you on your flight.

Hot meals are available on flights of more than 80 minutes’ duration1.

You may order your hot meal anytime up to 48 hours before take-off:

What’s on Menu for travel period 12/1/2019 - 2/29/2020

Flights over 80 minutes1

Omelette with ratatouille vegetables (VEG) 6,5 EUR
Omelette with ratatouille vegetables and grilled mushrooms. Fruit salad as dessert.
Spinach pie and smoked beef 6,5 EUR
Spinach pie, grilled smoked beef and “pindjur” with zucchini. Fruit salad as dessert.
Pancakes 5 EUR
Pancakes with hazelnut cream, “Plazma” biscuit, fresh fruit and cream.

Flights to New York

Vegetable quiche (VEG) 12 EUR
Quiche with vegetables and stuffed zucchini with mushrooms in Neapolitan sauce. Fruit salad as dessert.
Pork medallions and sides 14 EUR
Pork medallions with chanterelle mushrooms sauce, potato croquets, broccoli and carrots. Chocolate cake as dessert.
Plum dumplings 5 EUR
Plum dumplings with vanilla pudding, granola and fresh fruit.

Hot meals - labelling and nutritional information


1Available on flights between Belgrade and Amsterdam, Stockholm, Beirut, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Larnaca, London, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Saint Petersburg, Hamburg, Krasnodar, Cairo, Madrid, Barcelona, Helsinki