Air Serbia

Meet & Assist

Our Meet & Assist service is ideal for all those who do not fly so often, elderly travelers, those who do not speak foreign languages or simply need support of our friendly staff at the airport.

Our representative will guide you through airport processes and ensure your arrival, transit or departure is as comfortable as your flight.

Meet & Assist service consists of an escort through the airport and assistance with the check-in and/or post-landing formalities.

This service is available at selected airports, and the prices may vary depending on the flight, whether you need assistance upon arrival or departure and whether your travel includes more transits.

For further details on prices*, please fill in the form. If your traveling destination is not enlisted in the form, the service is not available for the particular flight.

*Prices are quoted in EUR. Prices are subject to change and may vary due to fluctuations in exchange rates. Prices in other currencies are calculated according to the selling exchange rate of the IATA Consolidated Exchange Rates (ICER).

Ways to book

You can purchase the Meet & Assist service up to 48 hrs prior to departure:

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