Air Serbia

Advance Seat Reservation

Make sure you've got the seat you want - whether more legroom, a window seat or one next to your dear person. For more extra space just for yourself, you can also book an Extra seat.

Air Serbia "3 Extra Seats" service refers to reserving an entire 4-seater on AirSERBIA flghts operated on A330 aircraft type to secure the highest passenger comfort in economy cabin.

Any customer purchasing Air Serbia 3 Extra Seats service is considered to have read, understood and accepted the Conditions as defined below.


Air Serbia would be able to sell "3 Extra Seats" to Air Serbia passengers flying on Air Serbia marketed and operated flight originating from Belgrade (BEG), bound to New York (JFK) and vice versa, holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115).

Air Serbia would not be able to sell "3 Extra Seats" service to those Air Serbia passengers flying on Air Serbia operated flight originating from Belgrade (BEG), bound to New York (JFK) and vice versa, holding tickets issued on other airlines' ticket stocks (tickets beginning with any number other than 115) and to passengers flying on Air Serbia flights operated by other airlines and holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115).

"3 Extra Seats" service is subject to availability. Number of 4-seaters that could be reserved for a passenger at an extra fee is limited and determined by the airline based on operational and safety criteria.

Location (i.e. row number) of the 4-seater to be reserved for a passenger as part of the service "3 Extra Seats" is fixed and strictly predetermined by the airline. It cannot be selected or changed upon passenger's request (either at the time of check-in or onboard).

Air Serbia does not guarantee and cannot commit that in case of other avaialbale and unoccupied 4-seaters onboard it would restrict/ prohibit other economy class passengers to occupy them for more comfort.

Air Serbia reserves the right to restrict the use of service at any time for operational, safety or any other commercial reasons.

Purchasing the service

"3 Extra Seats" service could be purchased: when departing Belgrade at Air Serbia check-in counters at Belgrade Airport (credit card payments only) or at Air Serbia office at Belgrade Airport (both credit card and cash payments accepted); when departing New York, at Air Serbia check-counter or at the Air Serbia service desk at JFK Airport (credit card and cash payments accepted). If available, service can only be purchased before the check-in process has been completed.

Air Serbia does not allow service reservations/ holdings in advance. The service would be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Service can only be purchased by adult passengers (passengers of 18 years of age or older) and is charged per passenger per flight. Adult passengers travelling with infants and/or children, unaccompanied minors and passengers that require special assistance are not eligible to purchase and/or avail this service due to safety reasons.

Using the service

Passengers do not earn additional Etihad Guest miles by purchasing and/or using this service.

"3 Extra Seats" service does not refer to turning the 4-seater into a bed. All Economy seats on Air Serbia flights are certified for sitting only. By purchasing this service, passenger is obliged to follow the same safety instructions and regulation that apply to other economy class passengers onboard whether or not they purchased this service. Air Serbia does not take any responsibility in case the passenger did not follow the instructions and/or advice given or signaled by Air Serbia staff onboard either verbally or via dedicated instruments (i.e. seat belt sign on instrument board, cabin crew public announcement, signals on IFE screens etc.).

It is recommended that all guests who purchase the service bring along the proof of purchase (in any form - electronic or paper) to avail the service. Valid proof of purchase is an EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document). Payment slip transaction is not a valid proof of purchase.

Refunds & complaints

"3 Extra Seats" refund terms & conditions are independent from ticket refund conditions.

Service is non-refundable and non-transferable and must be used for the applicable flight. No other passenger can use it besides the passenger to whose name the service was connected to at the time of service purchase.

No refund would be accepted if passenger who purchased the service changed her/his mind before receiving the service or if refusing to avail the service onboard for any reasons.

Air Serbia would not refund the service paid in cases of involuntary upgrades.

If Air Serbia is forced to cancel the flight due to operational, safety or any other reason and/or rebooks you to a flight not operated by Air Serbia, fee paid for the service would be refunded.

Any complaints and/or compensation requests driven from using "3 Extra Seats" service cannot be processed onboard our flight or upon landing at the airport. You would need to contact Air Serbia passenger response representatives directly through the form. Any requests for compensations would be rejected by Air Serbia if submitted later than one month after the date of the flight. Please keep the original EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) as a valid proof of purchase to be able to refer to in such cases.

Air Serbia reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions of Air Serbia 3 Extra Seats service at any time without giving any prior notice and/or assigning any reason. Air Serbia commits to post any changes to the Terms & Conditions in a written form through