Air Serbia

Advance Seat Reservation

Make sure you've got the seat you want - whether more legroom, a window seat or one next to your dear person.

Seat entitlement is a benefit directly dependent on the air fare you purchased.


Seat selection is subject to availability at the time of request. Seat selection may not be available for all seats due to operational and safety reasons.

Air Serbia does not guarantee that seat selection is available on all flights.

Air Serbia would be able to accommodate pre-reserve seating requests for passengers flying on Air Serbia operated flights, holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115).

Air Serbia would not be able to accommodate pre-reserve seating requests for passengers flying on other airline operated flights, holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock 115 (tickets beginning with 115) unless the operating carrier does not charge for seat selection and confirms specific seat request.

Air Serbia would not be able to accommodate pre-reserve seating requests for passengers flying on Air Serbia operated flights, holding tickets issued on other airlines ticket stock (tickets starting with any number other than 115) unless EMD for pre-reserved seat can be issued by Air Serbia.

Air Serbia will do its best to provide you with the seats you pre-reserve. However, advance seat reservation does not guarantee that you will travel in a particular seat, but that we will provide you your choice of the following seat criteria: window, aisle or middle.

Changing the seat

Once purchased, selected seats are exchangeable based on the availability. There is no limitation to how many times a purchased seat can be exchanged by the passenger. Passengers can change pre-selected seat to almost any other seat on board that is unoccupied at the time of placing the request.

When changing the seat, if the newly selected seat is more expensive than the previously reserved seat, you would have to pay the difference. In the opposite scenario, you would be refunded back the difference.

You can voluntarily change seat selection anytime until checked-in. Air Serbia encourages you to use option Manage my booking to accommodate all your seat requests.

Air Serbia in general prohibits passengers to change their seats once aircraft boarding has been completed. Exceptions exist.

Air Serbia reserves the right to move you to a different seat before departure or on board in case of disruption, aircraft change, or for any other operational, safety or security reasons without your prior approval.

In case seat change is necessary for the reasons mentioned above, Air Serbia would do its best to reseat you to a comparable seat that is the seat of the same type (aisle, window, or middle). In case of involuntary seat changes, we attempt to re-seat you accordingly. If you are not satisfied with your replacement seat you are encouraged to contact our passenger response representatives.

Exit row seats

Any passenger to be seated on the exit row (regardless if the passenger has paid for the seat or is getting it free of charge) must meet the criteria for exit row seats. By purchasing an Extra Legroom seat, passengers accept that she/he meets all stated requirements and complies with the rules outlined. If the passenger does not appear to be meeting these requirements or appears unwilling to meet his/her obligations at the time of travel, Air Serbia operations crew and staff reserves the right to reseat the passenger, and no refund would be allowed.

Refund would be permitted only if the passenger could prove that she/he advised Air Serbia in advance (4hrs 01min prior to departure at latest) that her/his conditions changed and that she/he does no longer meets afore highlighted criteria.

Refunds & complaints

Advance Seat Reservation refund terms & conditions are independent from ticket refund conditions.

Air Serbia would not refund paid pre-reserve seating fee in cases of involuntary upgrades.

If Air Serbia rebooks you to a flight not operated by Air Serbia, previous seat reservation fee would be refunded.

In case of ticket cancellation, pre-reserved seats that have been paid for would be refunded as well. Refund is processed to the original form of payment. Existing Air Serbia refund policies apply.

In case of ticket upgrade to higher class of travel, pre-reserve seating fee could be used to pay for the upgrade (applies to any kind of ticket upgrade) or it could be refunded.

In case of ticket exchange (for reason such as upsell or voluntary travel date change), fee collected for seat selection is to either be refunded or used when paying for the ticket reissue.

Be advised that any claims for refund of the pre-reserved seating fee cannot be processed on board or at the airport. You would need to contact Air Serbia passenger response representatives directly. Any requests for claims or pre-reserved seating fee refund would be rejected by Air Serbia if submitted later than one month after the date of the flight.

Advance Seat Reservation charges are non-transferable.

Air Serbia reserves the right to discontinue the sale of seats or refuse to sell seats to a passenger.