Hand baggage

Wherever you're flying with us, you can always bring a carry-on bag with you free of charge, in addition to a personal item such as a small backpack. Just make sure not to overpack!

Carry-on bag

Your carry-on bag will be labeled with a blue tag at the airport. Please stow it in the overhead compartment once you board.

age 12+
age 2-12
8kg max
1 bag max
length × width × height 40 × 20 × 55cm Business
8kg max
8kg max
2 bags max
length × width × height 40 × 20 × 55cm

Children under 2 years old are not entitled to hand-baggage, except collapsible children’s strollers оr baby carriages such as a bassinet or carrycot, and baby food for the flight

Due to space restrictions in the passenger cabin on the ATR 72 aircraft, our cabin crew may take your carry-on baggage at the aircraft door and place it in the baggage compartment.

In such cases, after landing, your hand baggage will be carefully unloaded for you to collect next to the disembarkation stairs.

In addition, there is a maximum number of carry-on bags that can fit in the overhead compartment in rest of our fleet. Once this limit is reached, the remaining carry-on bags have to be transported as checked baggage.

If your baggage is placed in the baggage hold, you are required to remove any dangerous goods which may only be carried in hand baggage, such as:

  • spare lithium metal or lithium ion batteries
  • safety matches and lighters
  • mercury barometers or thermometers
  • heat-producing items, i.e. battery-operated devices

We recommend that you remove valuables, electronic equipment, important documents, medication etc. from your baggage which has to be placed in the hold.

Additional item of your choice

This smaller piece of hand baggage is tagged with a white tag and must fit comfortably under the seat in front of you.

age 12+
age 2-12
4kg max
1 bag max
4kg max
1 bag max

You can choose to bring one of the following:

One handbag/laptop bag/briefcase/pocket book


Small backpack


One bag of duty free goods

Small camera




A reasonably sized box with purchased goods (e.g. a pair of shoes, a designer dress or folded garments such as a business suit or wedding dress etc.)

Due to safety measures on flights to New York, liquids, aerosoles and gels (known as LAG items) as well as powder-like substances 12 ounces (350 milliliters) or larger, bought at airports other than Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade are not permitted on board Air Serbia flights as hand baggage, even if they are packed in appropriate safety bags. This does not apply to other duty free items.

The last call to purchase such items at the airport is up to 60 minutes before the flight. These items have to be left at the duty free shop and will be returned to you at the departure gate. You may also purchase selected inflight from our duty free catalogue. Please keep in mind that security bags may not be opened until you arrive at the final destination.

If you're continuing your journey on a connecting flight in New York, please note that you will not be able to take LAG items bought at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade or onboard an Air Serbia flight with you as hand baggage, even if they have been packed in appropriate safety bags. Before checking-in for your connecting flight in New York, you should place such items in their checked baggage.

Extra things you may take along

Following items can be taken on our flights regardless of the hand baggage allowance:

Jacket, coat or other reasonable outdoor garment

If you are travelling with a baby, you may bring a collapsible children’s strollers, bassinet or carrycot, as well as baby food for the flight

Folding wheelchair, walker, crutches or other prosthetic aids

Walking stick

Items such as paper folders, tablets, mobile phones and smartphones, a second and additional bag of duty free goods, newspapers, books and other reading material are not considered standalone items and must be packed inside an additional item or a carry-on bag.
Please note, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are banned on all Air Serbia flights →

The guest must present collapsible strollers and wheelchairs to our airport staff - at the check-in desk and/or at the boarding gate. In both cases, these items are transported as checked-in baggage at no additional fee.

Exceeding your free hand baggage allowance

Please measure and weigh your hand baggage before coming to the airport, where the size and weight of the baggage will be checked prior to boarding.

If your hand luggage fails to meet the guidelines on this page (it's bigger and/or heavier and/or you are carrying more pieces than allowed), it will need to be checked-in for EUR 50. Any non-compliant item will be transported in the aircraft hold.

You can purchase excess baggage allowance:

  • at an Air Serbia check-in or service desk (cash and credit cards are accepted),
  • at the boarding gate (only credit card payments are accepted).

Once paid, the fee is nonrefundable. The excess baggage allowance does not apply for the return flight. Exceptions exist.
In the event that you cannot or choose not to pay this fee, you will not be able to board the aircraft.
Pooling hand baggage allowances with other passengers is not allowed.
In addition, pooling the carry-on baggage and additional item allowance is not allowed. For example, a carry-on bag weighing 9kg would still be over the weight limit of 8kg for one piece of carry-on baggage, even though the total hand-baggage allowance is larger.

Restrictions and bans on liquids, dangerous goods, and other items

Special conditions apply to the transportation of liquids and other items, including dangerous goods, which are either prohibited or need to be carried according to special rules.
Rules for liquids, dangerous goods, and other items in hand baggage →

Traveling with partner airlines

If you've booked an Air Serbia codeshare flight which is operated by another airline or your journey involves several airlines, the hand baggage rules of the airline operating each respective flight will apply.
Partner airlines and their conditions of carriage →