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Voucher refund for agents

Important: the voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue.

We want to help you if your flight is cancelled due to changes in traffic. If you do not know the new date of your trip at this time, we can offer you a special voucher worth the price of your ticket and additional services (if any), increased by 10% of the net fare, fuel tax (YQ) and additional services (if any). The bonus will not be added on airport taxes.

Flight not cancelled?

Even if your flight is not cancelled, you can apply to receive a voucher that will be calculated according to the terms of the fare and associated fees.

NB: if you paid for your tickets with payment cards issued in Russia, we offer you the option to transfer the value of your ticket in accordance with the terms of your tariff to a voucher that will be valid for one year. The bonus applies to these tickets only in case of flight cancellation.

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