Air Serbia

DCP – Direct Connect Platform

The best way for travel agents to book Air Serbia flights and ancillaries

NOTE: At the moment, DCP is available only to agencies in Serbia.

By applying to Air Serbia DCP your agency will gain access to direct Air Serbia reservation system and offer your customers better ticket and ancillary prices!

Based on your business needs, DCP product offers DCP Workspace desktop application and/or API integration to the existing agency UI.

Apply in just one step: just fill out the online application form, and someone from Air Serbia DCP team will contact you with further information.


  • What is Direct Connect Platform (DCP)?

    Direct Connect Platform product consists of a desktop local install application or an API connection to the existing agency UI.

  • Is it possible to implement both solutions?


  • Which languages does the product support?

    For the desktop application – English, for the API connection – depending on the agency UI.

  • Does using DCP fall under the regulations of Air Serbia GDS/CRC Booking policy?


  • Will DCF (Distribution Cost Fee) be applied in Direct Connect Platform channel?


  • Will the agency be able to use other GDSs to issue tickets for PNRs created on DCP?


  • Is payment processed externally or within the platform?

    Payment is processed within the platform.

  • Which forms of payment are supported in DCP?

    Currently credit card form of payment is supported.

  • Is multiple form of payment option supported?

    Yes, multiFOP includes the option to use two different credit cards for payment.

  • Will the agency be able to send the ticket/EMD to the passenger via email?

    Yes. If the agency uses the email entry, passengers will receive standard Air Serbia document issuance email.

  • Will the agency be able to price special offers or private offers?


  • Will the agency be able to VOID documents?

    Yes, if done within the same calendar day.

  • Will the agency be able to exchange/refund tickets/EMDs?


  • Will the agency be able to do involuntary exchanges?


  • How will passengers be notified in case of any changes/cancelations?

    Air Serbia schedule change tool will trigger email notifications to all passengers with correctly input contact details in the PNR, same as today.

  • Will the agency be able to transfer PNRs between agencies?


  • Will passengers be able to perform online check-in?

    Yes, via Air Serbia official website or mobile application.