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Porto is a fascinating and vibrant city in the north of Portugal, boasting a rich history, unique tourist attractions and delicious cuisine. Porto has a wonderful historic center, but is also a young and energetic city, with a bustling nightlife and a growing art scene. The main attractions of the city are the Ribeira district with colorful houses and narrow cobbled streets, which exude Portuguese charm. The Douro River flows through the center of the city, with six magnificent bridges. There is also the quiet district of Foz, at the mouth of the Douro River, with beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy relaxed riverside walks.

Everyone who comes to Porto feels like coming home. Some say that the north of Portugal begins in Porto, others say that it ends there. What is certain is that Porto has something to offer for everyone – history and modernity, river and sea, endless entertainment.

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FAQ about your flight to Porto

What is average flight time from Belgrade to Porto?

The average flight time from Belgrade to Porto is around 3h 25min. Some factors can affect the length of the flight, including the weather and the type of aircraft used.

What is the time zone in Porto?

Porto time zone is UTC +1.

What is the currency used in Porto?

The currency used in Porto is euro(EUR).