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Milan as the world’s capital of fashion and design is a city of sophisticated architecture and rich cultural and art heritage. Today, as in the time of the Renaissance, the city in the north of Italy, represents a home to the most famous artists. Milan is an enchanting blend of the modern and traditional, a place where the old city centre is reflected on the futuristic skyscrapers’ glass. Explore the tastes and find out why there are so many prestigious restaurants in the biggest city of Lombardy. A place for shopping, a good meal and excellent entertainment - Milan is an unavoidable spot on a map you cannot miss.

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FAQ about your flight to Milan

What is average flight time from Belgrade to Milan?

The average flight time from Belgrade to Milan is around 1h 45min. Some factors can affect the length of the flight, including the weather and the type of aircraft used.

What is the time zone in Milan?

Milan time zone is UTC +2.

What is the currency used in Milan?

The currency used in Milan is euro(EUR).