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The former cradle of gods and heroes is an unaviodable place for tourists today. The ancient temples and remains of the agora, where democracy was once born, still amaze the tourists. The oldest city district of modern Athens Plaka is located in the city centre. Numerous jewellery stores, restaurants and cafes will give you an authentic experience. Athens is certainly a special place. The Greek capital is a true gastronomic paradise where you can try authentic local specialties and wines at every corner.

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FAQ about your flight to Athens

What is average flight time from Belgrade to Athens?

The average flight time from Belgrade to Athens is around 1 h 30min. Some factors can affect the length of the flight, including the weather and the type of aircraft used.

What is the time zone in Athens?

Athens time zone is UTC +2.

What is the currency used in Athens?

The currency used in Athens is euro(EUR).