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Flights to Varna

Practical info

Language Bulgarian
Average flight duration 1h 50min
Currency bulgarian lev(BGN)
Electricity C / F (230V)
Time zone UTC +2
Airport Varna
Altitude 80m (262ft)

Varna is the largest Bulgarian city on the Black Sea, and the third largest in the country. Its state institutions, architecture and cultural content give Varna the name nautical capital of Bulgaria. In addition to the beach and the sea, visitors to the city will enjoy its many facilities. In this city there are: a planetarium, a dolphinarium and an aquarium which are the most visited in this part of Europe. Tourists can also enjoy a tour of the Maritime and Archaeological Museum. One of the prominent symbols of the city is its architecture. For many, the most beautiful buildings in Varna are: the Stojan Bačvarov Theatre, the building of the Bulgarian Theatre and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

Not far from the city there is the natural phenomenon of the stone desert. This site consists of sand dunes from which several groups of rock formations rise to a height of between 5 and 7 metres. If you are a fan of adventure and enjoy excursions, Varna is a great destination for your holiday.

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