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Flights to Trieste

Practical info

Language Italian
Average flight duration 1h 50min
Currency euro(EUR)
Electricity C / F / L (230V)
Time zone UTC +1
Airport Ronchi dei Legionari
Altitude 2m (7ft)

A Mediterranean city on the northernmost reaches of the Adriatic Sea, on the border between Italy and Slovenia, once a seaport of the Habsburg Empire, Trieste is the capital and largest city of the autonomous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The marina with its sleek white yachts and the fantastic coast with grandiose Austrian seaside architecture hide the true magic of the city. It was and still is an extremely important historical, cultural, tourist and trading city in Europe. It is known for its long history and cultural landmarks from across the centuries, including the Roman Theatre and the small Barbacan square (Piazza del Barbacan), which date back to 33 BC. The unification square of Italy (Piazza Unità d’Italia), with its beautiful 19th century buildings, is the main square of Trieste. Citta Vecchia - the old town, with its narrow coastal streets in the first rows from the sea, is a place where Latin, German and Slavic culture meet.

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