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Flights to Thessaloniki

Practical info

Language Greek
Average flight duration 1h 15min
Currency euro(EUR)
Electricity C / F (230V)
Time zone UTC +2
Airports Makedonia
Altitude 250m (820ft)

The white tower, as a symbol of the city, still resembles the rich history. Thessaloniki is the perfect place to relax, learn or have fun. Numerous monuments and remains still adorn the city. The promenade by the sea is ideal for strolling with numerous bars and cafes for relaxation with a wonderful view. The most famous Thessaloniki’s shopping streets do not fall behind those in Paris, London or New York.

Belgrade - Thessaloniki flights

Indulge in the rhythm of Greek music and book a flight to Thessaloniki.

Kraljevo - Thessaloniki flights

Thessaloniki is now even closer! By booking a flight from Kraljevo to Thessaloniki, an hour's flight will bring you to one of the most beautiful ports in Greece.

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