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Flights to Sofia

Practical info

Language Bulgarian
Average flight duration 1h 5min
Currency bulgarian lev(BGN)
Electricity C / F (230V)
Time zone UTC +2
Airport Sofia
Altitude 550m (1804ft)

The city at the foot of Vitosha Mountain with its unique architecture and rich cultural heritage is increasingly attracting numerous visitors from Europe. Old for more than two millennia, Sofia preserves features from different epochs – remains of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Soviet past can be found throughout the city. The ancient streets of the city of Serdika, hidden for centuries, have recently been discovered. The ancient name of the city that stood here during the Roman Emperors time became one of the most interesting attractions in the city. The famous symbol of Sofia – the monumental church of Alexander Nevsky, is a true masterpiece of the Orthodox architecture. Visitors are always welcome, so do not miss the opportunity to visit this church during your stay.

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