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Flights to Nis

Practical info

Language Serbian
Average flight duration
Currency Serbian dinar(RSD)
Electricity C / F (230V)
Time zone UTC +2
Airport Constantine the Great Airport
Altitude 195m (640ft)

Due to its geographic position, Nis is one of the most important junctions of both land and air traffic in the Balkans. In addition to being a traffic hub, this city has a great historical significance, since the ancient city of Nais used to be on its territory, in which two Roman emperors were born - Constantine the Great and Constance III. Nis is an ideal destination for those who want to feel the southern, vibrant spirit of the Balkans. Out of many sights worth visiting, you shouldn’t miss the Nis Fortress, the archaeological site of Mediana and the Skull Tower.

Flights from Nis

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