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Flights to Lviv

Practical info

Language Ukrainian
Average flight duration 1h 55min
Currency Ukrainian hryvnia(UAH)
Electricity C / F (230V)
Time zone UTC +2
Airports Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport
Altitude 296m (971ft)

Feel the atmosphere of the centuries-old heritage of this city of unique beauty. The enchanting city of Lviv has been shaped by the medieval empire, the architecture of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the spirit of independent Ukraine.

Lviv, the heart of Ukraine and the Ukrainian centre of culture, lies at the geographical centre of Europe. It is just a few hours away from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, so it is the product of various cultures, traditions and customs that have contributed to its unique and outstanding beauty. With over 2,500 historic and architectural monuments and more than 60 museums, theatres and universities, Lviv is a city of a long tradition and rich cultural heritage. Due to its eventful history and over seven-centuries-long development, Lviv is a perfect mix of Prague, Kraków and Vienna.

Purchase a flight ticket to Lviv, take a stroll through this green city, and enjoy some of the 30 most beautiful parks of Ukraine.

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