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Flights to Kerkyra

Practical info

Language Greek
Average flight duration 1h 15min
Currency euro(EUR)
Electricity C / F (230V)
Time zone UTC +2
Airport Ioannis Kapodistrias
Altitude 110m (361ft)

Elegant and delicate by nature, Kerkyra bears an unsurpassable natural beauty thanks to which it has been one of the most charming islands in the Mediterranean. Nature together with people has “built” Kerkyra. The sea, sun and wind have carved the impressive coastline with golden sand and snow white pebble beaches, and with rocks reminiscent of sculptures from the modern gallery. Throughout a rich history, innumerable palaces, fortresses, churches, museums, libraries, galleries, traditional houses, green olive groves and picturesque ports have been built and cultivated. The old city is still reminiscent of the past and the strong European influences are both noticeable and harmonious in their coexistence, making the city rather special. There's always a quiet place for Kerkyra's visitors in the alleys or in the shaded city squares where they can enjoy a cold pint of ginger ale. Kerkyra's housewives still hang their laundry down the alleys, while underneath it, tourists explore workshops of unusual crafts, such as silver cutters' or woodcarvers'. The centre of the city itself is embellished by Splanada, the largest square in the Balkans, decorated with the exquisite works of 19th century French architecture. Throughout the year, you can watch cricket matches or attend music concerts here. Make sure to visit Liston, the city's trademark, where aristocrats used to enjoy their evening walks.

No description of Kerkyra would be complete without mentioning the fresh dairy products for which the island is known. The high-quality cow's milk butter and delicious graviera cheese go well together with salado ham or nubulo fumicado and nombolo smoked pork fillet prepared in the traditional manner of the Oros area.

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