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Flights to Hamburg

Practical info

Language German
Average flight duration 2h 15m
Currency euro(EUR)
Electricity C / F (230V)
Time zone UTC +2
Airport Hamburg
Altitude 77m (253ft)

At the port, which has been a point of trade with the whole world for centuries, a special place is given to the music. Once an important center of classical music in Germany, which gave the world some of the greatest men like Brahms and Mendelssohn, the very Hamburg is the city in which the legendary Beatles began their career. As a witness to the importance of music for the city and its inhabitants, the building of the Philharmonic, which become one of the most renowned of its characteristics, is rising on the riverside of the Elbe. Hamburg is a city of diverse architecture – from crowded houses with hundreds of channels running through the city, to modern business buildings, it is characterized by a diversity that is omnipresent in the city.

Belgrade - Hamburg flights

Book flights to Hamburg and explore a city of melody, the center of classical music that gave the world masters like Brahms and Mendelssohn.