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Flights to Chisinau

Practical info

Language Romanian, moldovan
Average flight duration 2h
Currency Moldovan Leu(MDL)
Electricity C / F (220V)
Time zone UTC +2
Airports Chisinau International Airport
Altitude 85m (279ft)

Chisinau is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova. It is also the centre of culture, hosting the Academy of Sciences, twelve state faculties and several private ones. A musical academy, a museum of science, the Triumphal Arch, a lake and numerous parks and monuments contribute to making the capital of Moldova a city that attracts many tourists. Chisinau possesses the charm of Soviet architecture and hidden architectural gems that have survived for 6 centuries.   

The capital of Moldova is one of the greenest European cities, abounding in parks with over 14 different bird species. In addition to its parks, Moldova is also famous for being the best wine region in Eastern Europe with the biggest wine collection in the entire world.

Visit Chisinau, the city of grandiose architecture and a green oasis of Moldova.