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Flights to Amman

Practical info

Language Arabic
Average flight duration 4h 30m
Currency Jordanian Dinar(JOD)
Electricity C / D / F / G / J (230V)
Time zone UTC + 2
Airports Queen Alia
Altitude 700m (2297ft)

Amman is a jewel of the Middle East! It is the capital of Jordan and one of the oldest cities in the whole world. Amman is a perfect mix of the past and the present.

Initially, it was built on seven hills, but nowadays it extends over nineteen hills. It is characterised by architectural diversity typical od a cosmopolitan city. Each Year, Amman draws an increasing number of tourists who come to explore some of the greatest and most beautiful world wonders. Jordan has got it all—from the sea to the desert and from ancient ruins with drawings, dating from thousands of years ago, to modern buildings.

Purchase a flight ticket to Amman on our website, and visit the birthplace of several great world civilisations. Just a few hours away from Amman, you can explore the ancient city of Petra, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the Wadi Rum desert, with yellow and red dunes spreading as far as the eye can see. The desert is nicknamed the Valley of the Moon because upon visiting it, one feels as if they were on another planet.