Celebrate your special moments

Celebrate your special moments with a cake, sparkling wine or a rose on our flight.

Celebration packages Terms & Conditions

You can purchase celebration packages 48 hours before the flight at the latest:

  • at the time of booking,
  • via My reservation,
  • by calling our Contact Centre or by visiting one of our offices.
Package Description Price
Your special moment with a cake Chocolate premium cake "Ana" 0.5 kg 10 EUR
Your special moment with a cake with a personal note and sparkling wine for two Chocolate premium cake "Ana" 0.5 kg with a personal note* and sparkling wine "Le Contesse Prosecco Treviso" 0.2 l 20 EUR
Your special moment with a cake with a personal note, champagne and a rose Chocolate premium cake "Ana" 0.5 kg with a personal note*, "Mumm" champaign 0.375 l and a rose 35 EUR



Terms & Conditions

Any customer reserving AirSERBIA Celebration package service is considered to have read, understood and accepted the Conditions highlighted below.


AirSERBIA Celebration package is a service offered to those guests who would like to celebrate or commemorate certain special event during AirSERBIA flights on a Serbian traditional way - by toasting for good luck and indulging in a proper cake.

The service is purchasable on all AirSERBIA flights with the exception of flights from New York to Belgrade.

AirSERBIA would be able to sell Celebration Package to all AirSERBIA guests holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115), as long as guest's itinerary starts with a flight operated by AirSERBIA.

AirSERBIA would not be able to sell the service to guests flying on AirSERBIA operated flights, but holding tickets issued on other airlines' ticket stocks (tickets starting with any number other than 115) and to guests flying on AirSERBIA flights operated by other airlines and holding tickets issued on JU ticket stock (tickets beginning with 115).

Purchasing the service

AirSERBIA does not allow service reservation. Service is to be booked and paid at the moment of making the reservation for it, otherwise AirSERBIA would not be able to guarantee service fulfilment.

AirSERBIA offers three types of celebration packages:

  1. Package 1: Chocolate premium cake "Ana", 0.5 kg
  2. Package 2: Chocolate premium cake "Ana" with a personal note and champagne "Le Contesse Prosecco Treviso" 0.2 l served in wine glasses*
  3. Package 3: Chocolate premium cake "Ana" with a note, champagne "Mumm" 0.375 l served in wine glasses* and a rose

*only if available - plastic glass is a back up option

The content of the packages is fixed and pre-determined, and cannot be custom-tailored or arranged upon request.

AirSERBIA Celebration package are provided at a fee and must be preordered. It is not possible to place such requests onboard and/or during the flight. Celebration packages can be purchased through airserbia.com, AirSERBIA Contact Center or any of AirSERBIA retail offices, up to 48hrs prior to flight departure the latest.

By purchasing Celebration package, you allow AirSERBIA to contact you after your flight by sending you an email with short survey about your experience and impressions about AirSERBIA Celebration Package we provided for you. We would appreciate any feedback you might send us, so that we could continue to make our guests special moments even more memorable on board.

Disclaimer/ Declaration

Chocolate premium cake "Ana" consists of the following ingredients: plant-based cream with sugar for making whipped cream (water, fully hydrolyzed palm oil (26%), sugar 11%, milk proteins, stabilizers: E420ii, E463, emulsifiers: E472e, E322 (soy), E472b), kitchen salt, aroma, color: E160a); chocolate for consumption and for cooking (contains min 44% dry matter of cocoa parts (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifiers (soy lecithin and E476), aroma); cream foam (sugar, glucose syrup, fully hydrolyzed plant oil (palm, coconut), dextrose, emulsifiers (E472a, E471), milk proteins, corn starch, stabilizer E412, vanilla and cream aroma); eggs; flour wheat flour; granulated sugar; water; refined sunflower oil; chocolate-taste topping (sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, skimmed cocoa powder, emulsifiers (soy lecithin: E322), taste intensifier: vanilla); confectioner's sugar; blueberries; cocoa powder. The products is made in an environment where nuts are present. The product may contain traces of hazelnut.

Nutritive values of Chocolate premium "Ana" per 100 g are as follows:

Energy 1984 KJ / 475 kcal
Fats 27,2 g
of which:
Saturated fatty acids 17 g
Carbohydrates 51 g
of which:
Sugars 40,8 g
Proteins 6,5 g
Salt 0,43 g

All guests with known allergies or specific dietary conditions are obliged to advise AirSERBIA of this immediately upon service purchase and latest up to 72 hours before departure. In such cases, AirSERBIA would do its best but does not guarantee to find an adequate substitute for the cake. Fee paid for the celebration package would not be refunded in case an adequate substitute cannot be provided, but could be used for other purposes (as defined further in the text below).

Using the service

Guests do not earn additional Etihad Guest miles by purchasing and /or using the service.

Package 2 and/or package 3 include personal note on the cake. Be advised that unless specified at the time of booking, generic note "Prijatno!" would be created. All guests could request a different note on the cake by sending an e-mail to callcenter@airserbia.com or by calling AirSERBIA Contact Center on 0800 111 528 (from Serbia) or + 1 (718) 7258642 (from the US) or +381 11 311 21 23 (any other countries) latest up to 72hrs prior to departure. However, please note that only the following notes would be allowed on cake (limitations due to cake's size):

  • Bonne appétit
  • Udaj se za mene / Marry me
  • Srećan rođendan / Happy bday!
  • Ljubi te _______(rod) / Kisses from _____ (mum, pa)
  • Volim te _______ (ime) / Love, __________ (name)
  • Čestitke _______ (ime) / Congrats! (name)

Refunds & complaints

AirSERBIA Celebration package terms & conditions are independent from ticket refund conditions.

Once purchased, the service is non-refundable (even in the event of a voluntary air ticket cancellation).

In the event of AirSERBIA rebooking you to a flight not operated by AirSERBIA, previously paid Celebration package fee would be cancelled and refunded.

In the event of a ticket exchange (for reason such as upsell or voluntary travel date change), Celebration package gets transferred to the new flight (if available). The guest could decide to cancel the service at that time and use it only to pay for the ticket reissue.

In the event of a ticket upgrade to higher class of travel, fee paid for purchase of Celebration Paclage could not be used to pay for upgrade (applies to any kind of ticket upgrade) and it could not be refunded (for any type of ticket upgrade except involuntary upgrade).

AirSERBIA shall not compensate or refund the purchase of Celebration package if the Celebration package is available, but the guest decides not to consume the package onboard.

Any complaints and/or compensation requests driven from using Celebration package service cannot be processed at the airport or onboard of our flight. You would need to contact AirSERBIA guest response representatives directly through the form. Please keep the original EMD as a valid proof of purchase to be able to refer to in such cases. Valid proof of purchase is an EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document). Payment slip transaction is not a valid proof of purchase.

Any requests for compensations would be rejected by AirSERBIA if submitted later than one month after the date of the flight.

AirSERBIA reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions of Celebration package at anytime without giving any prior notice and/ or assigning any reason. The passangers that at the time of the amendment already have bought the service, will be subjected to the Terms & Conditions they accepted when buying the service initially, unless they were informed and accepted ammendments to Terms & Conditions.

AirSERBIA commits to post any changes to the Terms & Conditions in a written form through airserbia.com.