Stay connected onboard with our Wi-Fly service

Our Wi-Fly service* means you can stay connected at 35,000 feet, whether you want to go online or use your phone in flight.

In-Flight Internet

Staying connected during your flight is simple

Turn on Wi-Fi on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, and choose the Air Serbia Wi-Fly hotspot.

Open your browser and you will automatically be directed to the Wi-Fly portal. Alterantively, you can access the Wi-Fly portal at: (browsing the Wi-Fly portal is free of charge).

Buy a Wi-Fly package on the Wi-Fly portal. Payment is online by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners) and also via PayPal and iPass account.

Wi-Fly package Price List:

2 90

Data limit

10 Mb
for social media only, available on Airbus fleet
4 90

Data limit

20 Mb
available on Airbus fleet
8 90

Data limit

50 Mb
available on Airbus fleet
13 90

Data limit

90 Mb
available on A319/A320 fleet
18 90

Data limit

120 Mb
available on A330 aircraft
With average Internet use during the flight, the surfing experience will be similar to using a public hotspot on the ground. The speed of data flow depends on the satellite connection with the aircraft and the number of passengers connected to the satellite.

If you are accessing the Internet on your mobile phone, please turn off the automatic data update option.

In-Flight Telephone

Text or call in four easy steps:

Turn on your mobile phone and wait for the Aeromobile network signal to appear.

If your mobile phone does not automatically connect to Aeromobile, select this network in Settings/ Networks.

As soon as the aircraft reaches the right altitude, the service will become available and you will receive a welcoming SMS.

You can call and text as if you were in roaming mode: enter “+”, the country area code, then the area code of the city or the network (without the zero), followed by the phone number.

Your mobile operator will charge you for your activity according to their usual rates for in-flight roaming.

If you do not plan to use roaming during flight, turn off the Mobile Data option.


Оur entire Airbus fleet provides onboard Wi-Fly service.

Where Wi-Fly is available, whilst we do our best to ensure the best connectivity possible inflight, technical and regulatory restrictions in the aerospace of certain countries may result in the interruption of your connection.

List of devices and operating systems supporting the Wi-Fly service (pdf)