Working at Air Serbia

We invite you to join us and become a part of Air Serbia’s winning team!

What we offer What we are looking for Why are we special

If you want to work in a company that appreciates its staff, considers employees its most important asset, stands out among other airlines for this and therefore constantly wants to attract the best candidates – Air Serbia is the right place for you!

In Air Serbia you will be able to take further training and thus have a direct influence on your career development. We will enable you to match your personal development with the development of our company.

We want you as an Air Serbia employee to be loyal and satisfied, so we have arranged for you a wide range of opportunities for horizontal and vertical advancement in the company, for continual improvement of your knowledge and skills and for broadened responsibilities as part of your future assignments.

If you become a part of the Air Serbia team, you will be a true ambassador of the company. We expect you to maintain a professional working attitude at all times and in all places, and to represent our company on behalf of our colleagues and partners appropriately.

Our values

Always accept your tasks with responsibility, and be ready to take the initiative and work in a team.

Be dedicated to your work, strive for better results and care about your work.

As it happens often in a dynamic industry like air transport.

Be EXCELLENT in your job
Be consistent in providing a high quality service.

Keep INTEGRITY in everything you do
Work hard, respect your colleagues and take care of the safety of yourself and others.

Airlines have one of the most wonderful missions – they connect distant destinations bringing our families, friends and business partners closer. This is why all of us at Air Serbia have such an important duty we need to fulfill with diligence and responsibility.

Passengers are our guests. They are in the focus of our attention and everything we do and the entire Air Serbia staff is at their service. Our main task as a national airline is to be devoted to our guests, their wishes and needs from the moment we provide them with information on booking a ticket until they leave our plane. Our goal is ambitious, yet clear and attainable – we want Air Serbia to become and keep the position of the leading airline in the region and recognised worldwide for the top quality service it provides to all its guests.

Air Serbia appreciates the wishes and needs of all its staff and will respect them as long as it is in mutual interest, while investing at the same time in the career progress and development of each and every employee.

Available job posts: apply here

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