Bosnia and Herzegovina


Practical info

Bosnian, Serbian Languages spoken
55m Flight duration to Belgrade
Convertible mark (BAM) Currency
230V, 50Hz, C / F Electricity
Time zone UTC +2
Sarajevo Airports
511 m (1 ft) Altitude

Since ancient times, different cultures and civilizations have been intertwined here. You will best experience the unique city on the Miljacka river when strolling through the old town. Walking through the cascade of Baščaršija, you will experience a bit of the atmosphere characteristic for a Turkish town, and not far from here you will have a completely different feeling standing in front of the monumental Austrian cathedral. During your stay in Sarajevo, do not miss the opportunity to taste the famous ćevapi, as well as the well-known burek and pies with cheese, potatoes, cabbage and other, which are prepared in a special way by masters of their craft throughout the city.