Practical info

deutsch Languages spoken
1h 55m Flight duration
Euro (EUR) Currency
230V, 50Hz, C / F Electricity
Time zone UTC +2
Nuremberg Airports
302 m (991 ft) Altitude

The first official records of Nuremberg originate from the 11th century when Emperor Henry III built the fortress in the north of the Bavaria around which there was a city arising and spreading during the Middle Ages. During its golden period of the Renaissance, Nuremberg has become a symbol of German arts and humanism, and today it is adorned with many sights such as the magnificent Nuremberg castle, the Gothic church of Saint Lorenzo, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, or the house of the famous painter Albert Dircher. The city atmosphere and charm are most intensely felt at the legendary market of Haupmarkt, located in the heart of the Old Town, and the traditional taste is hidden in the famous Nuremberg sausages declared for the culinary heritage of Bavaria.

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