Practical info

deutsch Languages spoken
2h 0m Flight duration to Belgrade
Euro (EUR) Currency
230V, 50Hz, C / F Electricity
Time zone UTC +2
Frankfurt Airports
113 m (371 ft) Altitude

As the seat of some of the world's largest corporations, Frankfurt is one of the most important financial points on the map of Europe. The fact that the city on the Main is not a typical German city is confirmed by the business district known as "Mainhattan". Outstanding impressive skyscrapers, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, arise from the district. What is important is that Frankfurt is not just a business destination. The Old Town, located opposite numerous seats and representative offices of companies, is adorned by medieval houses and worn down cobbled pavements. There are plenty of hidden cafes, pubs and clubs, which make the Frankfurt's night life similar to the one of Berlin.