Connect your flight to a railway or bus line

If your trip is not complete by landing at an airport, but you need transportation to your final destination - we have the right option for you.

Check-in online Instructions

In addition to buying a plane ticket, you are also given the option of buying a train or bus ticket that provides you with the transport from an airport to the desired destination or vice versa. The service is available in over 70 destinations in Europe, including the following countries: United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany.

This option allows you to plan in advance all the stages of your transport to the final destination and save time and money you would otherwise spend looking for the transportation in front of an airport after landing.

Complete your trip even to the destinations that do not have airports by linking your flight with a railway or bus line to your final destination.

List of destinations (pdf)

Air Serbia has provided you, along with your plane ticket bought online or through agencies, with the transportation throughout the entire Germany, as well as in a number of European cities - via railway and bus lines. Over 70 destinations in Europe have been fully covered. After purchasing a plane ticket with a particular transfer to your destination, you are required to do the following steps:

  1. To check in, you need to visit
  2. Enter your name and surname as given in the ticket, as well as the number of the ticket or your booking (if there are more passengers for the booking, enter the booking number to immediately check in all passengers) that you received from Air Serbia on the occasion of booking
  3. Make sure all passengers are on the list. If some of the passengers are missing, please add their names and surnames. Here you can also "remove" the passengers included in the booking from the check-in
  4. In the next step, you can see the information about the railway travel
  5. Here you can enter your email address in order to get the link for downloading your boarding passes to your email (it is not mandatory, but it is advisable to have your ticket on the email, as well)
  6. In your last step, you can immediately download all your boarding passes (for all passengers)

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