Privacy Policy

Air Serbia takes its responsibility concerning personal data protection very seriously.

This Privacy Policy describes how we use your personal data. By providing your personal data and by accepting the Privacy Policy, you confirm that you consent to your data being used in the way described in this Policy. Should the Privacy Policy be changed, its modified text will be published on our web site and will also be available in all our branch offices. You confirm that you also agree with the Policy changes by continuous use of our web site and by providing your data in the process of booking/purchase of plane tickets.

Air Serbia a.d. Beograd (hereinafter: Air Serbia) is a joint stock company for air traffic, and national airline of Serbia. Its web site (hereinafter referred to as: the Air Serbia web site) is owned and operated by Air Serbia. Air Serbia is responsible for processing of any of personal data provided in the process of booking/purchasing plane tickets and is notified where required in each country under the relevant data protection legislation of that country.

We offer our Products and Services in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage and the Terms of Use (for the web presentation).

We collect Personal data from you pursuant to Article 12, paragraph 1, points 2) and 3) of the Personal Data Protection Law and provisions of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (the “Chicago Convention”), to prepare the conclusion of contract, for performance of obligations contained in the agreement on the transport of passengers and for security reasons, whereas the data may also be used for other purposes on the basis of your voluntary consent. Our personal data files are registered in accordance with regulations, in the Central Data File Register of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

When using the services we offer, we will ask you to submit your personal data so that we may provide the requested service. The data may include your name and surname, contact details and information about your credit/debit card should you decide to pay by card. If you wish to take advantage of Loyalty Programs (Frequent Flyer Program), we will also ask for your Frequent Flyer number.

If the data is collected for the purpose of travelling to a country requiring so-called APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) data (e.g. USA, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, etc.), you will also be asked to provide the additional data required by the APIS system. This data is collected for security reasons, as defined by regulations and decisions of specific countries’ competent authorities, so that those countries can verify the data and approve (or deny) the entry of passengers at their borders.

Should you or any other passenger on our flight have any specific medical or other kind of request, requests concerning facilitation of access or special conditions (e.g. in the case of disability) or similar, and you wish to inform us about this, we will also process data concerning your special request (medical information, etc.) in order to fulfil your request. Sensitive data will only be processed with your consent.

We must know the names of all passengers on a specific flight. Should you wish to book a flight for another person, you must obtain their consent for using their personal data. We start from the assumption that you are providing the data of another person with the consent of the concerned person.

If you refuse to provide the requested data during the process of booking or purchase of plane tickets or if the data provided is not complete/accurate, we will not be able to successfully respond to your request for booking or buying tickets, or to any other request that requires specific personal data. 

If you wish to contact us with a question or complaint, or if you are sending us your comments or wish to be informed about novelties, promotions, etc., you will be asked to submit your data so that we can contact you and respond to your request or send the requested information.

If you contact us via a call centre, the conversation with an operator will be recorded for enhancement of the services we offer.

Your data will be stored and used for the following purposes:

  • to fulfil our obligations to you, including processing of data on your flight, to send you an itinerary or contact you should there be any problem with your reservation;

  • to register you on the Air Serbia web site and offer services to you that we provide via our web site and to provide to you and other users of our services (by information bulletin, e-mail, telephone, or by other means) information concerning new products, services and special offers which we believe could be interesting to you, if you sign up for some of those options. We may inform you about new products, services and special offers of selected third parties, and you may at any time ask to no longer receive such notices;

  • to carry out a game by chance or promotional offer for which you have registered and to inform the lucky winners;

  • to put into effect our policy concerning frequent passengers;

  • to discover and prevent criminal activities;

  • for safety reasons;

  • to answer the questions you sent to us;

  • for market research and for statistical purposes, so that we could carry out specific research and analysis that will allow us to monitor and enhance our services. We may contact you (by e-mail, telephone, or by other means) to ask for feedback and your comments on our services. At any time, you may request that we no longer contact you in connection to the above, and

  • for other purposes regarding which we give information to you.

Personal data may be forwarded to:

  • other brands of the Air Serbia company;

  • to partner airlines when travelling to destinations that include code share with that partner airlines;

  • partners in Frequent Flyer and other prize programs when you request that we share your data with them;

  • banks and other payment institutions for authorization and successful payment;

  • trustworthy third parties that we use for the provision of certain services, such as enabling Air Serbia customers to book special customer needs or other services quickly and easily;

  • to anyone to whom we transfer or may transfer our rights and duties under our agreement with you;

  • customs and/or immigration departments or other regulatory authorities in the of departure and/or destination the country to which you are travelling, in order to comply with the law in those countries;

  • if there is a legal obligation or right to do so;

  • to personnel, subcontractors and agents of Air Serbia authorized to perform, on our behalf, the above activities, now or in the future, or persons who are authorized to send advertising information to you on our behalf.

When performing activities specified in this Privacy Policy, we may transfer personal data to countries with no regulations on the protection of personal data or countries in which privacy and other basic rights will not be protected to the same extent as in Serbia. The personal data will be transferred so as to provide/secure and enhance the requested services, for performance of contractual obligations toward third parties for your benefit, with your explicit consent, to transfer the information requested from us in accordance with a specific legal basis, to provide such data if requested by specific authorities. To protect personal data, we conclude data processing agreements with companies, agents and other persons from countries that are not members of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data of the Council of Europe, and from the countries for which it has not been confirmed to provide the same level of protection as the Republic of Serbia. By concluding such agreements, we oblige them to provide the adequate level of personal data protection.

Regarding personal data processed by Air Serbia, in accordance with legal regulations you are entitled to:

  • truthful and complete information concerning the processing of your data in regard to the Persona Data Protection Law;

  • have insight into data related to you;

  • get copy of the data processed concerning you;

  • require a correction, addition, update and deletion as well as termination and temporary suspension of processing of the Company.

Deletion of personal data can be requested in the following events:

  • if the purpose of the processing is not clearly defined;

  • if the purpose of the processing is changed, and the requirements are not met for such changed purpose;

  • if the purpose of the processing is accomplished, or the data is no longer needed for accomplishing the purpose;

  • if the processing method is prohibited;

  • if the quantity or type of data is disproportionate to the purpose;

  • if the data is incorrect, and cannot be corrected by being replaced with correct data;

  • if the data is processed without consent or authorization based on legal regulations and in other cases when the processing cannot be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

At any time, you may file a request for access to the data, for issuing a copy, for correction, addition, update or deletion of data, and for termination and temporary suspension of processing, or you may withdraw your consent by sending a notice (in writing or as a transcript of an oral statement) to the following address: Air Serbia a.d. Beograd, Ethics and Compliance Department, Jurija Gagarina 12, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, or by sending an e-mail to:

We wish always to keep you informed about our products and services in accordance with your personal preferences. We will ask for your consent prior to sending notices and advertising material in both cases – when it concerns our services and services of our trusted business partners. The material will mostly be sent by e-mail, but we may also contact you by telephone, by SMS or the material may be sent to your address.

If you wish no longer to receive information about novelties, promotions, etc., all you need to do is click “unsubscribe” on any notice you have received, or you may contact us by sending a request to: Air Serbia a.d. Beograd, Ethics and Compliance Department, Jurija Gagarina 12, 11000 Belgrade, or by sending an e-mail to:

Personal data is retained in accordance with the method and deadlines specified in the Central Data File Register of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

When you book a flight on our web site, a possibility is offered to you to use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which encrypts all information you input before it was sent to us. This ensures that the information is reasonably protected against unauthorized interception.

We also follow strict security procedures regarding the storage and disclosure of information provided to us, in order to prevent unauthorized access to that information.

We endeavor to undertake all reasonable measures to protect your personal data. Despite this fact, we cannot guarantee the security of data you disclose online. You accept the inherent security risks of providing information and dealing over the internet and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless this is due to our negligence or willful default.

We use the technology known as “cookies” to provide you with customized information from Air Serbia website. A cookie is an element of data that a website sends to your browser, which then stores it on your system. “Cookies” allow us to monitor traffic on a certain page and advertisements, to determine how often they are visited and seen and which parts of our web site attract the most attention. For more details on our use of “cookies”, please read our Cookie Policy.

If you wish to learn more about who we share your personal data with, or you wish to withdraw consent for processing of your personal data, or if you have any other request or question concerning the processing of your data, please send it to the following address: Air Serbia a.d. Beograd, Ethics and Compliance Department, Jurija Gagarina 12, 11000 Belgrade, or send an e-mail to: