Hand luggage

Pack everything you need for a short trip in your hand luggage or pack all the things for which there was no room in the suitcase and bring them along into the passenger cabin.


You can bring in a hand luggage item free of charge, whether it is a backpack, a small bag or a suitcase. You hand luggage will be marked with a blue tag, and after boarding you should place it in a luggage compartment above your seat. It is important that it does not exceed the allowed weight and size. See the table below for more detailed information.

age 12+
age 2-12
8kg max
1 bag max
length × width × height 40 × 20 × 55cm Business
8kg max
8kg max
2 bags max
length × width × height 40 × 20 × 55cm


  • Children under 2 years old are not entitled to hand-baggage, except collapsible children’s strollers оr baby carriages such as a bassinet or carrycot, and baby food for the flight


You can also bring in another additional small luggage item or an object which may be placed under the seat in front of you, but it should not exceed the weight stated in the table below.

age 12+
age 2-12
4kg max
1 bag max
4kg max
1 bag max

This luggage item may be as follows:

  • a purse or laptop bag
  • a file case or briefcase
  • a small backpack
  • a sack with duty free products
  • a small camera
  • binoculars
  • a box with possessions.

You may also bring in the following items:

  • a jacket or coat
  • a folding wheelchair and other orthopedic aids
  • a folding pushchair or baby carrier, food and beverages for the baby during the flight
  • a walking stick.

Items such as folders, tablets, mobile phones, smart phones, another sack with duty free products, newspapers, books and other reading material will not be regarded as separate items and must be packed in a handbag or additional luggage item.

You may not bring in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone neither as a part of the hand luggage or checked baggage as some of these have installed faulty lithium batteries which may cause self-ignition or fire.

Please show your folding pushchairs or wheelchairs to the airport staff at the check-in counter or boarding gate. Both types of chairs are transported in the aircraft hold without any additional charge.

Due to the special security measures which apply to the flights to New York you may not bring onboard any liquid, spray or gel you bought at the airport with the quantity larger than 350 ml, even though you may have packed them in zip-lock bags. This applies to any other items you purchased in duty free shops. Exception to this rule are the items you purchased in the duty free shops at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Duty free shopping at the airport is allowed 60 minutes before the flight. You must leave the purchased items in the shop and they will be returned to you at the boarding gate. The zip-lock bags with your duty free products may not be opened before the arrival to the final destination. During the flight you are also allowed to buy the duty free items from our catalogue.

In case you continue your travel with another airline from New York, you will not be allowed to bring the liquid, spray or gel you purchased at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport or during the Air Serbia flight onboard as a part of hand luggage. For this reason we advise you to move them to the checked baggage before you check in to continue your travel.

Due to the limited space in the ATR 72 passenger cabin, your hand luggage may be transferred into the luggage hold. The crew will put your luggage next to the airstairs after the landing so you can take it over from there.

Other aircraft from our fleet also have a limited luggage compartment space. If all hand luggage compartments are packed full, our staff will move it to the checked baggage hold.

Before this you will need to remove any hazardous substances which are not allowed in the checked baggage hold from your hand luggage, such as:

  • spare lithium-metal or lithium-ion batteries
  • matches or lighters
  • barometers or mercury thermometers
  • heat-producing objects – battery devices.

We suggest that you removed any valuables, electronic equipment, important documents, medication, etc. from the luggage to be relocated to the checked baggage hold.

We suggest that you checked the weight and size of your hand luggage before coming to the airport.

In case you have multiple hand luggage items or the luggage is heavier or larger than allowed, it will be transported as checked baggage and it will cost additional 50 EUR per item.

You can pay for the luggage excess charge as follows:

  • at the check-in counter or customer relations counter of Air Serbia where we accept both cash and credit cards
  • at the boarding gate where we accept only credit cards.

The amount you pay for the luggage excess charge cannot be refunded and applies only to a one-way flight, except in exceptional cases.
In case you fail to pay the additional luggage charge, you will not be able to board the plane.
It is not allowed to merge any right to the allowed hand luggage with other passengers, which means you may not give your hand luggage to any other passenger.
Also, it is not allowed to merge any rights to have a handbag and an additional luggage item, which means that a handbag exceeding the 8 kg limit must be charged for additionally regardless of whether the total weight limit of the hand luggage is higher.

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