Customer Service Plan

Beside flight safety, Air Serbia’s priority is delivering exceptional service to the guests. We are committed to providing our guests with the most comfortable flight experience.

Customer Service Plan Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan

The Air Serbia Customer Service Plan, developed in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), is our commitment to treat our guests in courteous and prompt manner by maintaining always a high level of professionalism, competence and service.

This Customer Service Plan is not a part of Air Serbia’s General Conditions of Carriage. Your contractual rights and obligations associated with your travel are set forth in Air Serbia’s General Conditions of Carriage.

The following Customer Service Plan will apply exclusively on transatlantic routes to and from U.S. operated by Air Serbia.

Lowest fare available

Air Serbia will disclose to guests who call  the Air Serbia Contact Center, access the Air Serbia U.S. website, or visit  an Air Serbia ticket counter to inquire about a fare or make a reservation, that the lowest fare offered by Air Serbia may be available elsewhere, if that is the case.

Delays, cancellations and diversions

Air Serbia will promptly provide information regarding any change in flight status to ticketed passengers, passengers holding reservations and the public, within 30 minutes after we become aware of such a delay. Information regarding flight status will be made available at Air Serbia Contact Centre (for calls from U.S. + 1 (718) 7258642; toll-free for U.S. guests requiring special assistance +1 (888) 3909847; for calls from Serbia 0800 111 528; for calls abroad +381 11 311 2 123), on Air Serbia’s website in Departures & Arrivals or Check my Trip sections).

Where possible, Air Serbia will take reasonable steps to contact guests in advance at the phone number(s) or e-mail addresses provided in their reservation record.  When purchasing your tickets directly with Air Serbia (Air Serbia Offices, Contact Centre or website) we encourage you to leave your mobile phone and email address in order to be able to reach you in a timely manner and inform you about important itinerary changes.

If you booked your flight(s) with a travel agency and no contact number exists in our system, your travel agent will be responsible for contacting you.

Due to medical emergency or severe wheather conditions, your flight may be diverted to a location other than the flight’s intended destination. If there is a possibility that a flight will be diverted, that information will be provied to you before departure, when available, by Air Serbia. In the event a diversion decision occurs after the aircraft has departed, the in-flight crew will inform you.

If the flight is cancelled while on the ground in the city to which it was diverted, Air Serbia will assume the responsibility for handling and rerouting the passengers at its own cost. If we are unable to reroute you, reasonable overnight accommodations will be provided.

Delivery of baggage

Our goal is to deliver your baggage in a timely manner following the flight’s arrival. In the course of your journey, if checked baggage does not arrive with the passenger traveling to or from the U.S., Air Serbia will make every reasonable effort to return the baggage within 24 hours and compensate any reasonable expenses that result from delay in delivery, subject to the liability limitations provided under the Montreal Convention. Providing valid contact information, including on baggage tags, will help us to ensure the return of your baggage.

If the checked baggage is lost, damaged or destroyed, Air Serbia will be liable in accordance with liability limitations provided under the Montreal Convention. Pursuant to the Montreal Convention, the Carrier’s maximum liability per person, per trip, for delayed, lost or damaged baggage is 1,131 Special Drawing Rights. For additional information regarding liability limitations and exclusions please refer to Air Serbia's Terms and Conditions of Carriage U.S.

Sometimes it may take longer to return delayed, missing or unclaimed baggage due to flight duration, frequency of flights and Customs & Immigration procedures. Customers may file a claim for delayed, missing or destroyed baggage by requesting a claim form at the Lost & Found Office at the airport of arrival. For status of missing baggage you should contact Air Serbia.

Items having a special value, such as money, jewellery, precious metals, computer, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, business documents, passports and other identification documents should be retined by the passenger in the cabin baggage.

Air Serbia is not liable for damage or destruction of non-checked baggage (e.g. cabin baggage) and other items that remain in the passenger’s care unless otherwise specified by Montreal Convention or any other applicable national or international regulation or law.

If your itinerary includes flights operated by other airline(s), special baggage shall be requested until 48 hours before departure in order to be confirmed and accepted.

Air Serbia Baggage Handling Policy →

Holding reservation

Guests may hold a telephone reservation made directly with Air Serbia Contact Center without payment for up to 24 hours, or we will allow guests to cancel their reservation (including flights operated by codeshare partners) without penalty up to 24 hours after the reservation is made, if the reservation was made seven days or more prior to the flight’s departure. Guests who make a reservation through Air Serbia’s website may cancel their reservation without penalty up to 24 hours after the reservation is made, if the reservation was made seven days or more prior to the flight’s departure.

For ticket purchases not meeting the requirements of the 24-hour rule described above, once payment is received, normal refund policies apply to the ticket. If you elect to make changes to the itinerary, the ticket price may change.

For additional information in the U.S, please contact Air Serbia at + 1 (718) 7258642 for further information. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you may contact Air Serbia U.S. toll-free number +1 (888) 3909847 via Telecomunications Relay Service (TRS) For Air Serbia contacts worldwide you are kindly requested to visit Contact Page on our website.


Air Serbia will process eligible refunds in the time frames reported below, upon receipt of all required information. Some optional products and services tickets are not refundable. Any ancillary fees charged for optional products and services that a passenger is unable to use due to an over-sale situation or flight cancellation will be refunded.

For all eligible tickets and optional products and services purchased within the U.S. with a credit card or cash, refunds will be provided within 7 business days of receipt of the required refund information. The credit card refund may take up to two billing cycles before appearing on a credit card statement, so you should contact your credit card company directly to verify receipt of the credit. Tickets and optional products and services purchased with a check or cash will be refunded within 20 business days of receipt of the required information.

Refunds on eligible tickets and services purchased from Air Serbia, may be requested:

  • Online by visiting (accessible by clicking on I want to enquire about a refund within the Contact section)

  • By dialing our Contact Center on + 1 (718) 7258642 (for calls from the U.S), + 1 (888) 3909847 (toll-free number for U.S. customers requiring special assistance), +381 11 311 2 123 (for calls abroad) or 0800 111 528 (for calls from Serbia)

  • By writing an e-mail to

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you may contact Air Serbia US toll-free number via Telecomunications Relay Service (TRS)

Requests for refunds of tickets purchased from a travel agent should be referred back to the agency for processing.

To request a refund within 24 hours of purchase please write to the following email address

Certain refund requests may not be accommodated in the time frames discussed above. For details contact Air Serbia. Refunds for credit card purchases will be made only to the credit card account. Service charges are collected for some refunds (e.g. no show tickets).

To ensure a prompt refund, you are required to submit all documentation and information needed, including:

  • Valid ticket or optional products and services receipt submitted to us before expiration date (tickets and optional services expire one year from the original date of commencement of journey)

  • Brief written explanation

  • Your name, address, and telephone number(s)

  • Form of payment used to purchase the ticket

Passengers with disabilities

Air Serbia is committed to offer its guests with reduced mobility special assistance services in order to make their air travel as pleasant as possible. To ensure that we can make the best possible preparations for you, please let us know what assistance you require, preferably when you book your flight. Accommodating guests with disabilities and other special-needs passengers, particularly in the event of lengthy tarmac delay, is a top priority for Air Serbia.

Our long-haul fleet is equipped with accessible lavatories and moveable armrests in a number of seats as well as with an onboard wheelchair to assist guests with reduced mobility during a flight.

If you are travelling an Air Serbia partner airline to and from the U.S. we kindly ask that you notify the operating carrier of special assistance requests at least 48 hours prior to departure. If your ticket is issued on our partner’s airline ticket stock, we kindly ask you to refer to ticket issuing airline.

If you have questions or doubts about your ability to travel safely, we advise you to discuss the planned flight with your doctor.

For Special Service Requests and additional information please contact Air Serbia Contact Center:

  • Toll-free number for calls from the U.S. + 1 (888) 3909847

  • For calls from the U.S. + 1 (718) 7258642

  • For calls inside Serbia 0800 111 528

  • For calls abroad +381 11 311 2 123

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you may contact Air Serbia US toll-free number via Telecomunications Relay Service (TRS)

Any disabled guest with reduced mobility travelling to and from the U.S. is carried in compliance with the Air Carrier Access Act and its implementing regulations Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 382, (pdf).

More information about special services →

Tarmac delays

In case of extraordinary events, such as lengthy tarmac delays, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our guests. Air Serbia will provide timely information regarding the status of a flight if there is a long delay after you have boarded or after the plane has landed. We will meet guests’ essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays at any U.S. airport in accordance with our Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan. Our crew will make every reasonable effort to respond to our guests with special needs during this unlikely events.

If your transatlantic flight is operated by an Air Serbia code-share partner, the operating carrier’s Contingency Plan applies.


Air Serbia is committed to handling all guests with fairness and consistency.

Airline flights may be overbooked. This means there may be a slight chance that there are more reservations than available seats on your flight, even though you are holding a confirmed ticket. This may be because of commercial overbooking or restrictions that are imposed due to weather conditions or for other safety reasons.

In these circumstances, we will not deny you a seat without first asking for volunteers who are willing to give up their confirmed seat.  In exchange arrangements will be made and may include, but are not limited to, rebooking onto another Air Serbia flight or another airline’s flight to the same final destination, and providing hotel accommodations, meals, ground transport and travel credits or other rewards.

If there are not enough volunteers, we may need to deny boarding to one or more guests involuntarily.If you are denied boarding involuntarily due to an overbooking of our flight for which you have a valid ticket and a confirmed reservation, we will provide compensation as required by law provided that you have met our check-in deadline and other travel requirements and we have not placed you on another flight that arrives within one hour of your original flight schedule. We will provide you with a written explanation of your rights and monetary compensation.

If fewer than the needed number of passengers volunteer, Air Serbia will treat any passenger involuntarily denied boarding with fairness and consistency according to Part 250 of the US Department of Transportation regulations and the boarding priority policies and procedures contained in Air Serbia’s Conditions of Carriage.

Disclosure of information

Our terms and conditions of cairrage, cancellation policies and frequent flyer rules are available on our website and upon request, can be obtained via Air Serbia Contact Center.

We will provide you with your travel itinerary and complete information that may affect your travel, including: planned scheduled time of departure and arrival; airport/terminal of departure and arrival; number of en-route stops; any change of aircraft, terminal or airport; fare conditions, including cancellation policies; baggage allowances and fees; name of operating carrier and flight number; aircraft type, configuration and seat pitch; Services offered on board, details of Air Serbia Etihad Guest frequent flyer program.

We will notify you in a timely manner of changes in your travel itineraries.

Please contact Air Serbia Contact Center + 1 (718) 7258642 (for calls from the U.S) or visit our web site for further details.

Changes to travel itinerary

Your ticket is valid only for the transportation shown on it from the place of departure through an agreed stopping point to the final destination and the fare you have paid is based on that routing.  We will not honor that ticket and it will no longer be valid if you do not use the coupons in the sequence provided. For example, if you do not show up for one segment of your itinerary, we may cancel your reservation on all remaining flight segments. Therefore if you need to make a change to the itinerary you must contact us previously.

When you purchase a ticket directly with Air Serbia, if a change is made to your travel itinerary (departure time change, terminal change etc.) after your ticket has been sent to you, we  will promptly notify you of such change by whichever means are available to us or specified by you.

If you are purchasing your ticket from a travel agent, the travel agent will be responsible for informing you of itinerary changes.  We advise you to provide the travel agent with a mobile phone number and email address during the booking process so that you may receive updates during your journey.

Response to customer complaints

Air Serbia will acknowledge receipt of written complaints within 30 days and provide a substantive response to the customer within 60 days. Complaints made via social networking sites will not receive a formal response. Notification of this limitation will be posted on any social networking site used by Air Serbia.

Customers may file complaints with Air Serbia:

  • online by filling out the claim form

  • by emailing the Guest Support Department at

  • by writing to Air Serbia, Guest Support Department, Jurija Gagarina 12, 11070, Belgrade, Serbia

Complaints and comments about airline service may also be submitted to the office of the Aviation Consumer Protection Division at:

Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave. S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Flight cancellations and missed connections

If a guest’s flight is cancelled or the guest misses an onward connection due to reasons within Air Serbia’s control, Air Serbia will accommodate the guest on the next available flight to the guest’s destination if possible or endorse the unused portion of the guest’s ticket to another carrier or transportation service for the purpose of rerouting. In case you would like to request a refund for unused ticket/segments, please contact your issuing airline or travel agent. To obtain a refund for tickets directly purchased with Air Serbia, please refer to the Refunds of this Customer Service Plan.

If legally required, guests shall also be provided with food or drink vouchers or other accommodations.

For Air Serbia operated international flights to or from the United States that are delayed at a US airport, Air Serbia will follow this Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan in accordance with the US Department of Transport’s Rules on Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections.

If a flight is operated by Air Serbia’s code-share partner, the operating carrier’s Contingency Plan applies.

In the event that a flight is held on the tarmac at a U.S. airport for four hours, Air Serbia makes the following assurances:

  • Air Serbia will not permit an aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than four hours before allowing guests to deplane unless the pilot determines that a safety or security-related issue prevents the aircraft from leaving the tarmac to deplane customers, or air traffic control advises the pilot that deplaning would significantly disrupt airport operations.
  • Air Serbia will provide adequate food and potable water no more than two hours after the aircraft leaves the gate (in the case of a departure) or touches down (in the case of an arrival) if the aircraft remains on the tarmac, unless the pilot determines that safety or security considerations preclude such service.
  • Air Serbia will provide operable lavatory facilities while the aircraft remains on the tarmac.
  • Air Serbia will provide adequate medical attention if needed while the aircraft remains on the tarmac.
  • Beginning 30 minutes after the scheduled departure and every thirty minutes thereafter, Air Serbia will provide information to delayed guests regarding the reason for the delay and the status of the delay, if known.
  • Beginning 30 minutes after the scheduled departure and every thirty minutes thereafter, Air Serbia will notify guests that they may leave the aircraft that is at the gate or another disembarkation point with the door open, when that opportunity exists.
  • Air Serbia has sufficient resources to implement this Contingency Plan in the event of a lengthy tarmac delay at a U.S. airport.
  • Air Serbia has coordinated this plan with each U.S. Airport that Air Serbia serves.
  • Air Serbia has coordinated this plan with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration at each U.S. airport that the carrier regularly uses for international flights, including diversion airports.