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You can book your flight easily and pay for it securely on our website. Select the payment method that suits you best, and we’ll make sure all your details are secured and protected.

Payment methods for online bookingsBook now, pay laterTerms & Conditions of the Book now, pay later service

Pay conveniently with the following credit/debit cards:

Visa Card



American Express

JCB Card1

Universal Air Travel Plan/UATP

Dina Card

Make sure you have sufficient funds before making your purchase.

Enhanced security checks on cards

To ensure that your transactions and personal information are secure, airserbia.com uses a technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means that the data you enter when making a booking is encrypted so that the information can only be understood by us.

Card Verification Value/Card Security Code (CVV/CSC) is a three or four-digit number on the back (MasteCard, Visa) or at front (American Express) of a card that you are asked to enter during the online payment process.

3D Secure (MasterCard Secure, Verified by Visa) is an extra layer of security for online transactions. This requires users to register their credit cards with the service and then input a new security code in order to complete an online payment. For further information, kindly contact the bank which issued your card.

During the payment process you might be asked to present the card or a copy of the card you used to our staff at an Air Serbia office or at the airport check-in counter. Please ensure that card number, name of the owner and expiry date are visible, along with the signature of the cardholder. After we complete all the necessary checks, you will receive your boarding pass, either via online check-in or at the check-in desk.


Payments are always applied in the currency of the country of residence you selected when visiting airserbia.com.

If you are using a card issued in any country other than Serbia

Kindly note that Air Serbia is based in Belgrade, Serbia. It is possible that your card issuing bank may levy an additional fee for using the card in a foreign country. For further information, please keep in touch with your respective card issuing bank.

If you are using a card issued in Serbia

In accordance with the Foreign payment law, Serbian residents who use cards2 issued by a Serbian bank will be able to make payments in Serbian dinars (RSD) only. Any attempt to make a payment in any other currency will not be successfully completed.

Passengers who are abroad and wish to make a booking with a card issued by a Serbian bank are advised to follow these steps:

  1. Clear the web browser's cache
  2. Visit airserbia.com
  3. Choose Serbia as a the country of residence
  4. Proceed with the booking and pay in RSD currency

If your foreign currency payment using a card issued in Serbia fails to work:

  1. On the payment page, click on the link in the text of the message you receive, and you will be automatically directed to the flight selection page with the payment currency set to the Serbian dinar (RSD)
  2. When you re-select the desired travel fare, you can continue with the purchase
  3. You will not need to re-enter your personal information
  4. If you have selected a seat or any other additional service, you will need to re-select them, and enter payment information

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  • 1Accepted for all bookings except for transactions in RSD currency.
  • 2Applies to all (credit, foreign currency, debit) cards issued in Serbia

Need some time to think about your reservation but you don’t want to risk the selected fare being changed? Now you can hold your booking for up to 24 hours with the Book now, pay later service.

Simply select this option at the time of booking at airserbia.com, on the ticket payment page. The service depends on availability and the combination of the offered fares:

  • For standard offers, you can hold selected fare for up to 24 hours at the price of EUR 4.99 per passenger
  • For special offers, you can hold selected fare the for up to 12 hours at the price of EUR 6.99 per passenger

When you’re ready to book, go to Manage my Booking and enter your last name and booking reference.


  • 1Infants aged 0-2 are exempted from payment
  • 2The service is non-refundable
  • 3Passengers’ first and last names must be listed as per the passports.

The Book now, pay later service enables the passengers to save the chosen fare for the time period ranging from 12 to 24 hours, depending on the flight date and the fare type. The fare selected at www.airserbia.com can be saved before you make the final decision to buy the ticket, in exchange of a fee. The Terms & Conditions for the Book now, pay later service are listed here.

Any passenger using the Book now, pay later service will be considered to have read, understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions.


The Book now, pay later service depends on availability. It is available only for the reservations made at www.airserbia.com on direct flights operated by Air Serbia. If your itinerary includes multiple destinations and/or another airline, the service will not be available.

This service is available only for the flights including either just standard fares or just special fares. If your reservation is a combination of a standard and special fare, the service will be unavailable. The fares, as well as the service, are subject to availability.

The standard fares can be saved for up to 24 hours if there are more than 7 days between the moment of booking and the flight date. This service is applicable to the standard fares in the economy class, with the following booking classes: T, E, U, V, L, Q, M, K, and the business class on : W and D booking classes.

Special fares can be saved for up to 12 hours if there are more than 2 days between the moment of booking and the flight date. This service is applicable to the special fares in the economy class on the following booking classes: P, R, O and Z.

Purchasing the service

If the Book now, pay later service is available, it will be listed while making a reservation as an option in the payment section. Before the service is selected, the total ticket price(s) to be paid will be displayed. If you select the service, the initial amount will be changed and you will only be able to see the extra fee to be paid for the service for the corresponding time period. Therefore, the reservation will be saved but the e-ticket(s) will not be issued and the previously selected ancillaries will not be saved (for instance the seat number, meal choice, priority services, etc.). Payment can be made only with a valid card.

Upon the Book now, pay later service payment completion, the flight reservation and payment confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address listed while making a reservation as an e-document (EMD). If service payment is unsuccessful, the document will not be sent and the reservation will not be saved. In case you need help, feel free to conact the Air Serbia Contact Center.

The service is charged per passenger. Children aged 0-2 (infants) are exempted from payment. The first and last names of all passengers listed in the reservation must be valid and listed as per the travel documents used for the selected travel. Entering false names in order to save a reservation is not allowed. Air Serbia shall not bear any responsibility if the wrong first or last names are entered while making a reservation based on which the tickets are issued.

The tickets are non-transferable. Changing the first and last name(s) of the passenger(s) once the ticket has been purchased is not possible. In this case, the ticket(s) can only be refunded as per the fare conditions.

Holding ancillary services is not possible. If you have previously selected one of our ancillary services while making a reservation (e.g. seat, meal, priority service, etc.) before deciding to save the reservation by purchasing the Book now, pay later service, the ancillary services will not be saved and you will need to re-select them while making the final ticket purchase through the Manage My Booking option.

Refunds and Complaints

Air Serbia keeps the right to modify the Book now, pay later Service Terms & Conditions at any time without previous announcement or explanation. The passengers will be subjected to the Terms & Conditions applicable at the moment of the service purchase unless they have been notified of the Terms & Conditions changes and have accepted them.

The Refund and Complaint Terms & Conditions related to the Book now, pay later service are unrelated to the Ticket Refund Terms & Conditions.

The service is non-refundable after purchase. If a passenger chooses not to buy the ticket or the determined time-period for ticket purchase has expired, the service will not be refunded.

The ticket price will not be reduced for the service fee and the service fee is not included in the final e-ticket price.

In case of cancellation for any reason, the service will remain non-refundable.

Using the Service

The final purchase of the e-ticket and any ancillary services can be completed at airserbia.com via the Manage My Booking. All you need to do is enter the reservation code and the last name of one of the passengers in order to complete the purchase. After accessing the reservation, you will be able to select Ancillary services and make a payment. After the payment has been successfully completed, the e-ticket(s) will be delivered along with the EMD (Electronic Miscellinius Document) if any ancillary services have been purchased.

We suggest you keep a copy of the e-document (EMD) paid for this service so you can refer to it in case you need to do so.

Air Serbia will publish all changes to the Terms & Conditions at airserbia.com.

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