Practical info

serbian Languages spoken
Flight duration to Belgrade
Serbian dinar (RSD) Currency
230V, 50Hz, C / F Electricity
Time zone UTC +2
Nikola Tesla Airports
117 m (384 ft) Altitude

At the meeting point of the Sava and the Danube river, of the Balkan Peninsula and the Pannonian Plain, of East and West, the capital of Serbia is rising. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Its turbulent past is best illustrated by the fact that no city has ever been destroyed so often in its history. Nevertheless, after each destruction, Belgrade rose from the ashes into a new splendor. The new buildings, which suceeded the old ones, did not mean that the city was losing its uniqueness. Numerous conquerors and defenders left behind different marks from their epoch. They are visible at almost every step. However, for all the conquerors, the most important thing was to conquer Kalemegdan.