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Wednesday, 14. November  2018.

Travel comfort is one of the most important business priorities for Air Serbia. By constantly improving our service, and to make your every trip a pleasant experience, we have created special packages of additional services for you. Choose a package according to your needs, create your own journey and save!

If you travel with Economy White fare, you can buy the Big+Seat package for only 49.99 EUR and make yourself a more comfortable flight, with an additional standard bag and a seat of your choice.

For those of you who find it important to always arrive on time and do not like waiting in queues, we have created a special Priority package at a price of 14.99 EUR, which includes Priority Check-In, Priority Boarding and Priority Baggage Tagging. By purchasing two services from this package you will get the third one free of charge.

The third package of additional services, Priority Package - Belgrade, is designed to deliver first-class travel experience at the Nikola Tesla airport. Purchasing this package, with 15% discount, allows you a one-hour stay in our Premium Lounge, Priority Passport Control, Priority Check-in and Priority Boarding, all at a price of 27.99 EUR.

If you are purchasing a seat of your choice, we invite you to take advantage of the special offer of the Seat+Priority Boarding package and try the Priority Boarding service at a 50% lower price of 6.99 EUR or 8.40 EUR, depending on the duration of the flight.

You can purchase additional service packages when you book your flight, through My Reservation, by calling the Contact Centre or at one of the Air Serbia offices. By purchasing an additional service package, you agree to the individual purchase terms applicable to each of the additional services that make up the package.

Thank you for flying with us, we will always try to offer you more, and to remain your first choice for travelling!


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