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Air Serbia welcomes new Belgrade airport concessionaire

Friday, 21. December  2018.

Air Serbia, the national carrier of the Republic of Serbia, extended a warm welcome to the new French airport operator "Vinci Airports”, new concessionaire that will manage the Belgrade airport operations for the next 25 years.

"On behalf of the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, I would like to express my immeasurable gratitude for the cooperation we have had with the incumbent Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport team led by the CEO Saša Vlaisavljević. Consequently, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the new team, which will pursue the management of this important airport from now on. The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is our home and an important air transport hub. In this regard, our strong, constructive and dedicated partnership can only benefit all of the involved stakeholders", Air Serbia's CEO Duncan Naysmith stated at the occasion.

"The arrival of 'Vinci Airports' as the new airport concessionaire provides a strong impetus for the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport's further development, modernization and advancement of business operations. As Air Serbia makes up almost half of the Belgrade airport traffic, we are looking forward to working with the new partner with whom we will be able to continue strengthening the established relations and cooperation. I am certain that further interconnections and collaboration of all relevant parties would yield improved results in the realms of Serbian economy and tourism", Executive Director of Air Serbia Branislav Malović asserted.


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