Ancillary Bundles

Buy ancillaries as part of bundle and earn discounts


The most popular ancillary services could also be purchased as part of bundles.

  • Priority Treatment at Belgrade Airport – EUR 27.99
    This bundle guarantees the best airport experience at Belgrade airport. Services included at the bundle are 1hr AirSERBIA Premium Lounge pass, Fast Lane at Departures, Priority Check-In and Priority Boarding.
  • Additional Standard Bag + Seat Selection – EUR 49.99
    Buy these two bundled for a hustle free travel.
  • Priority Services – EUR 9.99
    This bundle offers you smooth and efficient airport experience. Services included at the bundle are priority check-in, priority boarding and priority baggage tagging. By purchasing this bundle you get three services for the price of two.
  • Seat Selection + Priority Boarding – EUR 6.99* or EUR 8.40**
    Pre-reserving a chargable seat you qualify for 50% discount on priority boarding service, as long as you buy these bundled. Bundle price varies based on the flight duration.

Ancillary bundles could be purchased:

By purchasing an ancillary bundle, you confirm that you agree with Terms&Conditions of each ancillary service that is part of the purchased bundle.


  • *EUR 6.99 for flights up to 1hr20min
  • **EUR 8.40 for flights between 1hr20min and 3hr40min