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Air Serbia harmonizes transportation conditions for checked baggage with European airline standards

Monday, 28. April  2014.

Air Serbia reminds all guests of the change of conditions for checked baggage as part of the harmonization of transportation terms with European airline standards. The free baggage allowance accepted on Air Serbia flights will be based on pieces of luggage instead of by weight.

Air Serbia guests who travel on or after 1 May 2014 will be allowed to check one piece of baggage (max. 23 kg) in Economy Class, and two pieces of baggage (max. 32 kg each) in Business Class.

Dane Kondić, Chief Executive Officer of Air Serbia, said: "This change is an important step in aligning Air Serbia's transportation standards with European airline standards", Mr Kondić said.

As is the practice in other airlines worldwide, all baggage exceeding the allowed weight or number of pieces, will be subject to a fee.


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