19 April 2023 Places

It's springtime! Discover the unexplored cities of Europe

Europe is a magnet for tourists who want to see the Colosseum in Rome or drink coffee on the terrace of a Parisian café. But if you're in the mood for a different trip this spring, we suggest you head off the beaten track and enjoy an authentic experience.

What do Hamburg, Cologne, Marseille and Gothenburg have in common? These are all European cities we will fly to in May and which are sure to delight you.

Travel to Sweden, Germany or France, and discover the beauty of the less obvious destinations on the Old Continent.

Hamburg – a port city full of surprises

Hamburg is a city of colourful architecture. From its tightly-packed houses along the hundreds of canals that flow through the city, to its modern office buildings, diversity is its main characteristic.

On the bank of the River Elbe lies The Labi Philharmonic, whose building is a real architectural wonder. Its base is clad with recognizable red brick, from which a glass section continues skywards. This combination of the modern and the traditional is typical for Hamburg. The building can boast a lookout point with a view of the harbour and nearby buildings that will take your breath away.

Be sure to visit the Miniature Wonderland, the whole world in miniature. This museum is a realization of the boyhood dream of the Braun twins, two brothers who imagined landscapes around the world and began to make all kinds of figures. Here you will see the largest model railway in the world, replicas of Alpine landscapes in Austria and Switzerland, but also the cities of Hamburg, Rome, Venice, Las Vegas and many others. Aviation lovers will be delighted by the sight of aircraft taking off and landing on a 14-metre miniature runway. If you fly to Hamburg with us, that replica will be familiar to you as it is a precise model of Hamburg airport.

Besides visiting museums and cultural monuments, we suggest taking long walks through the city streets to feel the authentic spirit of the city. Visit the fish market the sophisticated zone with modern shops, but also the famous German inns with an exceptional offering of food and drink.

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Gothenburg – Sweden's best kept secret

Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg is often overshadowed by better known Stockholm. But Gothenburg is well worth a visit due to its rich cultural heritage, stunning nature and green areas, and its excellent nightlife.

The centre is decorated with canals in the Dutch style. There are as many as 400 kilometres of waterways in Gothenburg.

There is plenty to do and see, and yet the city can be explored on foot, or even better, by bicycle. Gothenburg is extremely cycle-friendly, so along the canals and the river Göta you will find cycle paths everywhere. In the city, the traffic is regulated in such a way that a two-wheel ride is pure pleasure.

If you're looking for adventure or you are traveling with children, don't miss Liseberg Amusement Park, Scandinavia's largest theme park. There are also museums for everyone's taste, and we recommend the Maritime Museum and the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

Be sure to visit one of the islands of the Gothenburg archipelago, which you can easily reach by boat or ferry. All of the islands are free from vehicles, while authentic nature awaits you on the island of Vargo, where you will find neither shops nor restaurants.

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Cologne – a pearl on the Rhine

The German city of Cologne is alive all year round, with its many fairs, festivals and events. We have already written about why February is the best time to visit Cologne, and now we can tell you about its main attractions.

Cologne Cathedral is the icon of a city with 11 more Romanesque churches, basilicas and cathedrals. These are not just religious buildings, but architectural wonders that fill out the full panorama of Cologne.

Be sure to visit Brüsseler Platz, part of the hipster Belgian quarter that is dotted with cafes. Cologne, by the way, has the largest number of pubs of any city in Germany, and a special beer-drinking tradition.The original Cologne beer Kelsch is served in cylindrical, test-tube like glasses.

One of the ten most visited museums in Germany is the Cologne Chocolate Museum. It is an entire chocolate world where a visitor can travel through the 3,000-year history of chocolate. You will also be amazed by Buchandlung Valther Konig, a unique bookstore on three floors where you can spend hours looking through thousands of books on architecture, film, design, fashion and other areas of art.

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Marseille - one of the most beautiful cities in France

Marseille is a real alternative to the famous French resorts on the Cote d'Azur and offers an entirely different way of enjoying the Mediterranean.

The symbol of the city is the Old Port, where in the morning you are sure to see loud fishermen selling their fresh catch. At every step you will come across restaurants where you can try all kinds of fish specialities and seafood.

You have to visit the Marseille Opera, whether you enjoy its repertoire or just the view of its magnificent architecture. Take a walk along the "hemp street" Rue La Canbière, whose appearance dates back to the 19th century and which stretches a whole kilometre.

Enjoy the unique charm of the Le Panier quarter in the heart of Marseille. This is the oldest part of the city, with narrow streets, painted facades, unspoilt cafes with beautiful terraces and small designer shops. You'll need to be fit for the many steps you'll find here, but you'll be richly rewarded with views of the blue Mediterranean.

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