26 May 2021 Places

Holidays in Montenegro - the top 5 places to visit this summer

The holiday season is just on the horizon. Some have already planned their vacations and chosen a favourite destination. But many have not. If you’re not yet sure where to spend your summer holidays, want to do so in a friendly environment and are in love with the Adriatic and its coastline, we suggest the coast of Montenegro.

Tivat – a lively and uniquely charming town

This coastal destination’s greatest treasure is found on the beach called Plavi Horizonti (Blue Horizons), which is characterized by exceptional natural beauty and clear turquoise waters.

The beach is sandy, and its ideal climate will make sure you return home full of positive energy. Other beaches that are also popular with tourists are: Kukoljina, Belane, Regina and Seljanovo.

From Tivat, the old town of Kotor can be reached in about 10 minutes, while the distance to Herceg Novi is only 20km by ferry. If you like a dynamic vacation with many opportunities for day-trips, you can visit these two very attractive coastal cities. Tivat is one of the youngest cities in the Bay of Kotor, and is the only city on the Montenegrin coast that has an airport, so it is accessible to tourists around the world.

The flight from Belgrade to Tivat lasts under an hour. Flights are already operating normally, while of course respecting health and safety precautions. You can book your ticket through our website in just a few easy steps.

Bečići – for lovers of night-life

If you want to enjoy a morning walk on long sandy beaches, while having a wide variety of options for nightlife, Bečići is your ideal place. This attractive tourist spot is situated only 3 km from Budva.

Very popular among young people, you can book your accommodation in a luxurious hotel or apartment, treating yourself to a unforgettable experience. Most hotels provide modern rooms, while some boast swimming pools reserved for the exclusive use of their guests.

The beach in Bečići is long and sandy, and in some places as wide as 100m, meaning every sunny day is an opportunity for comfort and relaxation. Fans of volley-ball will enjoy the fine sand which is ideally suited to the sport.

Čanj – the perfect choice for a family holiday

If you’re going on a family vacation and you want a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of nocturnal enjoyment, you might choose this small town located between Petrovac and Sutomore. The town in question is Čanj, a holiday location famous for its pebble beach and warm, brilliantly blue sea.

This small Montenegrin town is a favourite among couples with small children because of the traffic-free village, boasting numerous parks and a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

If you decide to spend the upcoming summer lounging on the shores of this seaside town, be sure to visit the famous Queen's Beach with its pristine nature and crystal clear waters. It can only be reached by boat, so enjoy a small cruise and a view of the Pearl Coast on your way there.

Prčanj – the most beautiful bay in the South-Adriatic Sea

This natural health resort is an ideal place for all those who have problems with frequent respiratory infections or their sinuses. Prčanj, the most beautiful nook in the bay of Kotor, is well known as an air spa, due to the ion-enriched air. In addition to the healing sea currents, this coastal destination is unique in that the seawater has been declared extremely clean (it has been awarded the categories I and II).

As for the swimming spots, they are small and in most places of concrete. The best-known beach is called Markov Rt (Mark’s Cape), which is only 1 km long and extends all the way to Stoliv, itself the site of a beautiful sandy beach.

Close to Prčanj is the old town of Kotor, which you should also visit if you plan to stay in one of the hotels of this famous Montenegrin resort this summer.

Perast – one of the most luxurious destinations on the Montenegrin coast

If you love history and art, and are interested in visiting a unique and impressive coastal town, then Perast is the right destination for you. It inherited its current appearance in the 18th century, when the entire town was built in the Baroque style. Although only 350 locals live here, but during your stay in Perast you can visit as many as 18 small churches.

One of these - the church of St. Nicholas – has a spectacular bell tower that reaches a height of 55m, and is the main symbol of this charming little town. From the coast there is a fantastic view of the only artificial island in the Adriatic – "Our Lady of the Rocks", which covers an area of 3,030 m2.

The beach itself can be reached by descending a set of stairs. This town, hewn entirely from stone, is recommended for young couples, but also for all those curious people who want a truly unforgettable experience.


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