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An unforgettable honeymoon vacation

If your wedding day is supposed to be the greatest day of your life, then the honeymoon must surely be the trip of a lifetime.

You only go on your honeymoon once, so we plan this trip carefully and extensively. It represents an introduction into a new chapter that lies ahead and memories from this trip stay with you for the rest of your days.

Make your first marital days count at one of the unforgettable destinations and take back all that energy spent over the previous months planning your wedding. From faraway and exotic destinations to nearby European cities, the world is at your feet and the choice is all yours!

Romantic European cities for newlyweds

There’s something special about the old continent that draws all these newlyweds to celebrate their love right here in Europe. We’ll suggest a number of the most romantic European cities. Whether you had visited them before or you’re discovering them for the first time on your honeymoon, we believe that you’ll grow fond of this trip!

Magical Paris is always a good idea

A honeymoon in Paris is a tried and tested classic – spend your first marital days in the city of lights, and of love.

Plan a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower, an unforgettable cruise on the River Seine, a visit to the Louvre or the Gardens of Versailles. Enjoy the wine, the sweet taste of their famed croissants, French cheeses, numerous Michelin star restaurants, the beauty of Paris cafes, and the warmth and kindness of your hosts.

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Venice for those in love

Romantic walks down the winding streets, a ride along the venetian canals, hotel rooms with a view of the large, elegant city squares boasting with life – this is what your Venice honeymoon will look like.

You’ll be delighted by the lively Italian temperament and hospitability, and the fantastic cuisine, and with a bit of luck, you’ll be visiting Venice right at Carnival time. The main attraction of the carnival are the masks, one of the symbols of Italian culture and art. Save the masks as souvenirs and a reminder of your first marital trip.

The city of bridges

The bridges offer the most beautiful view of the venetian lagoon – and there are more than 400 in this city! Ask about the legend of the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri) and be one of the loved-up couples that have been exchanging sunset kisses since the 17th century.  

Amsterdam – for those in the mood for Venice of the North

Amsterdam enchants its guests with colourful wooden house facades from the 17th century and an immense network of canals – even more canals than Venice!

The city boasts a vast number of museums – some of those being a true tourist classic, and others presenting their own distinctive exhibitions. If you’re a fan of history and art, be sure to read Five museums to visit in Amsterdam and make a list for the tour.

You can experience Amsterdam in three ways – through walks, bike riding or cruising down the canals. We suggest that you embark on a romantic couple’s bike ride or get two know the city’s landmarks from the best perspective – sailing down countless canals.

And last but not least, Amsterdam is famed for being the city of freedom and pleasure, so an exciting nightlife is guaranteed.

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Rome – the city of Love

A honeymoon in Rome offers romantic vespa rides, numerous fountains for making those wonderful wishes, and opportunities for dinners in an intimate setting. Be sure to visit the principal landmarks of the eternal city – the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and other enchanting locations.

Still, it’s better if you’ve heard of those small, hidden gems, restaurants, and taverns home to that authentic Italian spirit. In discovering Rome unavailable to your typical tourist, we had help from our friend, journalist and publicist Giuseppe Zaccaria. And, says he, if you wish to see another side of Rome visit the historical bars!

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Barcelona – Spanish beauty

A picturesque city on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona has plenty to offer for a romantic vacation for two.

From those sunsets at La Barceloneta, the famous beach, to marvelling at the original architecture and the city’s rich history, up to the gastronomic pleasures – Barcelona is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

To be in Barcelona means to experience Gaudi’s influence on every corner. However, don’t just visit the most notable landmarks such as Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila. Pack up and go straight for the Artigas Gardens. This place isn’t easy to reach, but your efforts will be sure to pay off when you get there. You will spend hours in this little space, discovering all the wonders it hides.

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Honeymoon in Prague

Prague is an example of true enjoyment that’s practically around the corner. This city is so special that you’ll be falling in love at first sight!

Start your tour of the city with the old UNESCO-protected lake. Take a stroll along the Charles Bridge (we would suggest the early hours of the evening), take a tour of the oldest castle in the world located whose home happens to be right here in Prague and be enraptured by the unique architecture of the Dancing House – which happens to be the most photographed building of the Czech capital.

Book your flights from Belgrade to Prague and with the help of our A Guide to Prague get ready for inescapable tourist attractions of the Golden city.

Exotic honeymoon destinations around the world

Romantic Maldives

The Maldives are synonymous with honeymoons. Here, everything is catered to those that have just been married, from guaranteed privacy to impeccable service, with special arrangements and gifts for newlyweds.

Choose a candlelight dinner on a white sandy beach or long romantic hand-holding walks along the coastline. Try your luck at scuba diving and discover the crystal-clear lagoons, unique coral reefs, and a vividly coloured underwater world.

Thailand – a mix of natural beauty and unique culture

From fast-paced Bangkok to the charming islands - Phuket, Koh, Krabi or Samui to name but a few – Thailand is the place to celebrate your love.

Delve into sports adventures, explore the rich underwater world, enjoy the tropical landscape, rich nightlife, and the rest and relaxation on the beautiful beaches and in luxury hotels.

Bali – the ideal island for a vacation for two

Whether you’re longing for an active vacation or lounging under the palm trees at the beach, a honeymoon at the Indonesian island of Bali is pure magic. 

Mountaineering, cycling, exciting nightlife, water activities, luxury spa treatments – that exotic feeling is guaranteed.

Seychelles – 115 equally attractive islands for you to see

This tropical paradise is among the favourite destinations for honeymoon travel. However, you’ll be surprised to see how the Seychelles remain largely unspoiled by tourism – here you will discover the palm trees with coconuts weighing up to 20 kg, as well as giant tortoises at the very shore.

The delicacy and softness of the Seychelles beach sands will delight you – it’s literal pleasure for your feet!   


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