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Palma de Mallorca - a holiday on Europe's most exotic island

Palma de Mallorca is an exciting Mediterranean city that captivates its visitors with its rich offering of art, culture and gastronomy, and with its natural beauty.

This city conceals a seemingly endless array of galleries, restaurants, craft studios and bars - this is undoubtedly Mallorca's greatest treasure.

Wandering in any direction, you can find winding medieval streets with aristocratic town houses, baroque churches, crowded public squares, lively bohemian neighbourhoods and markets overflowing with all the island's bounty.

Where is Palma de Mallorca and what is it famous for?

On the east coast of Spain there is an archipelago called the Balearic Islands. Mallorca is the largest island, and the capital on its southern coast is Palma de Mallorca. The town, as the locals call their capital, has over 400,000 inhabitants, almost half of the island's population.

The name of this island comes from the Latin words insula maior, which means the large island. Over time, the term Maiorica became popular, and it has remained until today. Due to its excellent position, there have for centuries been battles for supremacy on this island, which affected local life with a mixing of different cultures and traditions.

Mallorca is called the queen of European tourism, which is easily confirmed by its visitors. It can boast a coastline over 500 km long and many beautiful beaches, just like you see on postcards.

A clear turquoise sea, beaches with golden sand, palm trees, pine forests and mountain ranges - you will discover all this on Mallorca. Precisely because of its natural beauty, about 40% of the island is protected.

Mallorca is a destination that is adapted to every visitor. Whether you're traveling with a group for fun or with your family for a holiday, you'll find what you're looking for in Mallorca.

The sun shines here about 300 days a year. Summers are warm and mostly dry, and the average summer temperature is around 33 degrees. Winters are mild with seasonal rains, with temperatures of 15-20 degrees.

By air Belgrade – Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca is the closest exotic destination to Belgrade, and the fastest way to get to Palma de Mallorca is definitely by air. This summer, Air Serbia introduced direct flights from Belgrade to Palma de Mallorca, and in just 2-3 hours of comfortable flight you can reach the pearl of the Balearic archipelago. The airport lies in the south of the island, and is connected by bus lines to all parts of the island.

Mallorca – the most beautiful beaches and resorts

When you start exploring the island, you will be amazed by the variety of beaches that await you along the way. But how to choose one of Mallorca's 260 beaches? This is our suggestion of beaches and resorts that you should not miss, all you have to do is just follow your taste.

Mallorca is known for the so-called calas, beautiful coves that are a real turquoise paradise. The best-known beaches on the south coast of the island are: El Arenal, Playa de Palma, Illetas Torenova, Cala Dor, Cala Ferrera, Cala Esmeralda. The best-known beaches on the north coast of the island are: Son Moli, Cala Gat, Cala Agulla, Playa de Can Picafort, Playa de Muro.

Ses Illetas is a small and luxurious resort west of Palma de Mallorca. Because of the large number of expensive yachts and hotels, this spot is also called the Monte Carlo of Mallorca. The beach is smaller and narrower, but it is considered the most beautiful in Spain because of the fineness and softness of its sand - a real pleasure for your feet!

What to see and do in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca's beaches are fantastic, but be sure to take the time to visit the sights of Palma de Mallorca, a colourful and exciting town.

The most valuable things in Palma are concentrated in the town centre and near the port. It will be almost impossible to miss the imposing La Seu Cathedral located at the very heart of Palma. Its construction began at the beginning of the 14th century and lasted more than 600 years. At the beginning of the 20th century, the famous architect Antoni Gaudi also took part in its reconstruction. Because of the large number of stained glass windows, it is also called the cathedral of light. The most famous window is the central one, made of pink glass, and in the morning the interior of the building is bathed in beams of coloured light.

The Major is a lively central city square with restaurants, cafés and exceptional buildings in the surrounding area. It is known for its underground market and the sale of local handicrafts.

Belver Castle was built in the 14th century and sits atop a hill above the town, in the middle of a pine forest. This striking symbol of Palma, which in the past was a royal fortress, a summer residence, and even a prison, is now a museum that provides an insight into the turbulent history of the island. Here you can take a break in the shade of a pine tree and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Gems near Palma de Mallorca

About twenty kilometres from Palma you will discover the village of Valdemosa, which lies in a mountainous region of the island. It has a fairy-tale landscaped park, a monastery, and narrow stone-paved streets. You will have the impression that time stopped here several centuries ago.

El Arenal is the most popular destination for lovers of active vacations. Here you can enjoy sports such as sailing, diving or rowing. The youngest visitors will be delighted by the large water park Palma Akvarium. In this complex there are many slides, pools with waves, a mini zoo, and a large aquarium with a rich aquatic world.

The bay and old town of Alcúdia is in the north of the island, about 45 minutes' drive from Palma. With its Roman origins, this small town is full of historical sights, old cobbled streets, and a cathedral that leaves a special impression. In the new part of the town there is a beautiful long sandy beach, so we suggest that you spend a few days in this picturesque town and experience all its charms.

One of the most visited places on the island after Palma is the town of Soller (Soller). It is located in the north behind the Tramuntana mountain and is known for the fact that the painters Juan Miro and Pablo Picasso often spent time here. Works of these famous painters are exhibited today at the railway station in Soljer.

In Porto Cristo there is the underground cave Drak, a real wonder of nature and something completely unusual. In this cave, there are formations that extend from top to bottom, and visitors can enjoy a boat ride, and a short concert in this unusual setting. Lake Martel, the largest underground lake in the world, is located in Drak, 1150m long and 30m wide.

Enjoyment and gastronomy in Mallorca

Mallorca is known for its lively nightlife, but did you know that it is divided into English and German party styles?

If you go from Palma to the east, you will notice that the entertainment is adapted to German tourists, of whom there are most here. In the bars and cafés you will hear German music, the staff speaks fluent German, and you can enjoy German beers.

If you go west from Palma, you will notice that the tourists are mostly English. The centre of nightlife is the small town of Magaluf, where you will find one of the biggest nightclubs in the world, BCM Planet dance.

However, since you are in Spain, we recommend that you enjoy local music and local specialties, and head to the street Avinguda de Gabriel Roca in Palma de Mallorca. There you will find plenty of crowded cafés and bars with Latin music and an authentic local atmosphere.

In Mallorca, you can enjoy the best cocktails, and before that try traditional Spanish dishes: tapas, paella, tubmet and amb oli (bread with olive oil).

Accommodation, hotels and apartments

At first glance, Mallorca seems to be an exclusive resort, however, the accommodation offer is diverse and adapted to different budgets

Travellers' experiences and comments, useful information

The whole island is well connected by public transport. The price of a single trip is 1.5€ and is payable to the driver. It is important to know that you cannot buy tickets with bills larger than €10, so prepare small change for this occasion.

You can also choose to rent a car or a bicycle and tour the island on your own. Prices for renting a car start at €40 per day, if you rent a car for several days, you can expect a discount. Prices for daily bike rental are €5-7.

Prices for renting sunbeds on the beaches range from €13-50 for two sunbeds and an umbrella and depend on the popularity of the beach and resort. Of course, you can also use your own umbrella on the beach, you can buy one for around €15 in local markets.


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